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Crap, crap, crap....

Emailed my dad all the details about the homes I saw today. I was kinda excited about that one that I liked.

Then I got a long reply from him. He spoke to Joe, the agent handling the home I saw on Friday. I had told Joe that my credit was pretty crappy, but that I had EXCELLENT referrals (my current landlords adore me, & my last managers like me so much they had me call them Grandma & Grandpa). He said that should be good enough. Because, even though my dad would be buying the home, the park still requires a rental agreement, & I would have to be on that lease...meaning they would run a credit check on me. He also said that most of the parks require the owner to live there...to prevent the owner from renting out the home to 10 sleezeballs. Also, even though I would have great referrals, they look at current income for the lease agreement. I am only working weekends these days, with sporadic weekday gigs thrown in. At a minimum, I make around $500 a month...and it just depends on any addition money.
According to my dad, all these things are against me.
But here are my arguments to these points.

First of all....how do they really know your income? If someone knows something I don't, please educate me. But as far as I know, they can't really know for sure. I know they ask for your bank account info, but they can't judge how much money you make per month by how much you currently have in your account. Some people might have $600 in their account on a given day, & $25 on another given day. Do they get an average from the bank? As far as work, I don't think my employer can give out any info other than to confirm or deny that I work for them. They can't comment on my job performance, they can't tell my hourly rate, they can't tell them how many hours I work per week...at least that is my understanding. And even if they did, I think they would tell them that I average 21-23 hours a week, since I work full-time in the summer. I could put down an approx. of what I make in a year, since that amounts to more, with my family trust. The amount I get from the trust varies month to month, but is generally the same amount, total, in a year.

As far as the owner living there....two things...one, couldn't my dad just say this is his So. Cal vacation home (like no one has those), & his daughter will be living in it full-time to take care of it for him? Or, couldn't he tell them that he is buying this for me, but that his daughter will be living there, & he is willing to put it in writing that his daughter is living there & that it's not being rented out to strangers? OR my dad could give me the money to buy it (unless it needs to be financed, which he'd have to do through his name, not mine). And come on...don't tell me no one rents out their mobile homes. That rule must vary from park to park. In fact, the real estate agent told me that the lady who is selling the home I like is going to rent it out if she can't get her asking price. So, that excuse is bullshit. Plus...I am planning on applying as a ticket seller (talk about a waste of my talents & intelligence) soon...so maybe I will have more income by then, anyway. The space rental at this one place is $600. I would be surprised if finding out that I have paid rent----on-time----for 5 years in the amounts of $610-800/mo. ruled me out as a tenant. If that's the case....fuck 'em.

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