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I really hate the sleazy way some people dare to run things on the net.

I have a regular email coming to me, called Gossip Flash. I think it's associated with "The National Enquirer." I find it interesting to read the little gossip tidbits that the "newsletter" brings.

But I have found they are sneaky little jerks. I found that something odd would happen when I would try to scroll down or over to read more of the gossip.
Whenever I would click to scroll over or scroll down, IF I had my Netscape browser open, I would automatically be taken to their advertiser's website.
That's crappy! If I want to click on their advertiser, I will do so. I don't like being FORCED to go there. So I started closing Netscape when I wanted to read the gossip. And one of two things happens....either a prompt appears asking me to open Netscape, or it takes a looooong time to scroll down, almost as if it's stuck.

Bastards. That pisses me off. You cannot FORCE people to go to a certain website. I mean, of course, you CAN, but you sure as hell shouldn't.

But now that I have them figured out...I won't have to anymore. I wonder how many people still don't get it, & wonder how that happens every time...


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