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I just experienced something awful.

I was just laying down on my bed, reading a magazine. Suddenly, the room started to spin, severely. I couldn't focus on anything. If I tried to focus on my dresser, the dresser spun away. I closed my eyes to try to get the spinning to stop, & it got worse with my eyes shut! Almost immediately, severe nausea set in. It was literally almost as if I was on some horrible spinning ride at a cheap carnival! Only *I* was the ride. The spinning probably went on for about 2 minutes or less (it always seems longer when you are going through it) & finally stopped. It was so severe, & so awful, I almost picked up the phone & called 911. It seemed as if it wouldn't stop. And now, even though the spinning did stop, I feel weak, drained, & still severely nauseous. I took a spoon full of cola syrup, & I feel a little better, but still icky.

Here's the oddest thing...prior to the onset of this episode, I was feeling fine. Nothing was wrong with me....not even a mild headache. I was fine one minutes, seriously ill the next. I feel absolutely exhausted....as if I have the flu. And I was perfectly fine 15 minutes ago. Severe spinning for 2 minutes just exhausted me.

This is at least the 3rd time I have experienced this.
But there's no consistency. The last time this hit me was probably at least a month ago, if not longer. If it was something like an inner ear infection, it would happen more frequently. The previous episodes haven't been this severe, though. This one freaked me out a bit...and seriously...I cannot describe how awful & absolutely lifeless I feel right now.

I am thinking about going to see my doctor next week, & seeing if he will run some tests. Naturally, since I just changed to crappier insurance, it will cost me a damn arm & a leg...but I am a bit concerned.

Whatever this is...it's really awful.

Anyone have any insight??

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