Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

Body scans?

I am interested in getting one of those full body scans. Has anyone reading this had any experience with these? I always have such freaky health problems, I thought it might not be such a bad idea. But it's around $1200 or so. That's a LOT of $$$. I might go see my personal doc first, tell him about all the crazy symptoms I have been having lately, & see what he advises.

The Olympics were kinda happy & sad today. Americans had a sweep of the halfpipe event, which was really cool (first sweep by Americans since 1956). But the pairs figure skating event was heartbreaking. The Canadians (Sale & Pelletier) were brilliant, & deserved the gold. The felt they had it, & the crowd loved them. Then they ended up being 1-2 votes short of first place, so they got silver. Not like winning a silver medal is crappy or anything, but no one "prefers" to be second best. And honestly, the Russians---who got gold---made a lot more mistakes. The Canadians routine was much cleaner. The crowd was stunned, & actually booed the judges. When the medal winners stepped onto the ice, the silver medal winners got more cheers than the gold medal winners. It was kinda sad for the Russians, though, because it wasn't their fault...it was the judges who fucked up. And the female Russian....she triumphed over near death to win that medal...she had to have brain surgery follwing an accident on the ice, & was paralyzed on the right side of her body, up until about 1997 or so. And now she's just won a gold medal. That's pretty cool. The Americans got 5th place...but the Americans don't seem to ever have pairs skaters that are that great. But 5th place is pretty good!

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