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Well, I finally uploaded some pictures to my journal.
I plan to alternate them...and maybe use certain pics for certain posts, depending on my mood. I spent a few hours shrinking photos to use. I am sure there is a quicker, easier way than how I did it...but I don't know it, so it took me some time.

Eric update...I did what I said I wouldn't, but I am glad that I did. After speaking to the sage towanda, I decided to IM him, since I saw him online. The plan was to just say something casual, & imply that I wasn't going to bother him, that I just wanted to say "hi." He actually engaged me in a fairly long conversation...and it was a good & entertaining one.

For part of our online conversation
ME: Don't want to bug ya, but just
realized you were online & wanted to say hi!:)
HIM: *wave* heading for the rents to put a
new fuel pump in my ride.. but i have the CD on
my desk here.. and will leave it copying
HIM: i can bring it by tomorrow if you'd
like.. i think out softball game is gonna be
ME: I might have plans.....but I'll let you
ME: Are we on for Sat, though? I got an
offer for Sat. night, but I'd rather hang out with
you if you are gonna be at Knott's all day.
HIM: yes for knott's.. gonna head down to
my parents on Friday night so i can get to bed on
time.. and then be up and ready to go.. I might
bring my brother if he wants to go.. (i'll just buy
him a ticket).
ME: OK...that's fine....I will give Reggie
your number or vice versa...or would you just
rather meet him there?
ME: I'd give your bro a ticket, but I only
get so many...I think I only have 2, one for you,
one for Reg.
HIM: no worries.. he'd probably just flake
ME: :)
HIM: you can give reggie my number..
HIM: i don't mind.
ME: ok
ME: coolio
ME: Hellacool
HIM: straight
ME: I will let you know about tomorrow
night. I am supposed to meet a friend for
dinner...what time would you swing by? Or
would you rather I come there? For once?
HIM: haha.. either way.. what area are
you gonna be in?
ME: I suggested Chevy's, so
Burbank....but if you are so close, I don't mind
cruisin' by there. I won't stay late. Are you
worried about a mess? You've seen my place.
Dead bodies? A wife & kids? Sex slaves?
HIM: haha.. ok. no mess.. cleaning
tonight after i get my car done.. the dead bodies
have all made it to the dumpster.. the wife & kids
= dead bodies now properly disposed of.. the sex
slaves i might have to cram into the closet for a
while.. unles of course you'd like to give them a
ME: Sure...I'm game.
ME: ;-)
HIM: sweet. you prefer a male sex slave
or a female one?
ME: Hmmm...can I have one of each?
ME: Wait...
ME: Can YOU be my male sex slave?
HIM: i suppose. but i don't have any male
ones.. not my thing... so i'll have to substitute.
HIM: haha.. nice.
ME: Great minds think alike, my dear
HIM: heh.
ME: Early morning orgasm...rolling over
& going back to sleep...can't beat that.
ME: Well...you can....but that's pretty
HIM: and i suppose i could find you a fem
sex slave by the time you come by.
HIM: haha.
HIM: glad you liked it.
ME: And you?
ME: But you didn't get to go back to
ME: It's funny, cause I wasn't very
sensitive because I was so exhausted, & then out
of the blue.....
HIM: of course.
HIM: i liked it.
ME: I notice we are kinda naturally
progressing from base to base....;-)
HIM: i noticed that too.. and a pretty rapid
ME: Do you prefer slower or faster?
Too fast for you? Too slow? I can go at
whatever pace you prefer...and appreciate you
taking your time (as you have so far...in my
opinion, anyway).
HIM: in the past i've had the tendency to
rush into things.. but i haven't wanted to rush it
with you.. i've wanted to get to know you.. and go
out and have fun.. and enjoy your campany more
than anything..
ME: I feel the same way...I tend to rush
into things physically, & honestly, I tend to get
emotionally attached after intercourse, so I have
to be careful there....I am enjoying getting to
know you, & just "makin' out"....kissing is always
fun...even if that's all we do for a while.
HIM: same here.. not sure if i am ready
for a big emotional attachment at the moment..
(not that i don't already really like you).. but i'd
like to play it by ear .. have fun.. enjoy each
other.. and see where it goes.
ME: That sounds like a great plan to
me....honestly, I wasn't expecting to like you as
much as I do...and that's a bit frightening for
me....hope you don't mind such honesty.
HIM: on the contrary .. i appreciate it more
than you know... and i'm glad we agree on the
plan : ) (though.. i'll still be your sex slave if you want *grins*)
ME: I will say....I have thought of you a
lot, when you are not around....that's NEVER a
good sign.;-)
HIM: haha.. why's that?
ME: How about being my making out
slave for now....if I tell you to suck my boobie,
you suck my boobie, etc....lol
HIM: that works : )
ME: If I don't want to get emotionally
attached to someone, it's probably not good that
he has made so big of an impression that I think
about him a lot....do you think?
ME: You are a VERY good kisser....I
could kiss you for days straight....
HIM: true.. ok.. stop thinking about me. ..
there .. did that help?
ME: ummm.....no
ME: heh-heh
HIM: haha.
HIM: me neither.
HIM: maybe your friend tonight can help
move your thoughts elsewhere.
ME: Tonight?
ME: I am chillin' at home alone tonight.
HIM: er.. tomorrow : )
HIM: tonight you can watch porn and
masterbate : )
ME: I've also been going through stuff in
my house...that takes my mind away,
too....please don't misunderstand, I am not
obsessing about you. I just think about you in
quiet moments...:) And if I watched porn &
masturbated, that would make me think of YOU,
ME: Unlike men who can think of anyone
& everyone while they masturbate. :)
HIM: haha.. everyone can think of anyone..
thinking of certain people just make it more
HIM: .. and there we go.. talking about sex
ME: Yep...we are not lacking in the
bluntly honest catagory or the talk about anything
without being uncomfortable or the physical
attraction catagory...
ME: But I think openness is wonderful.
Communication is great.
HIM: agreed
ME: So are we swearing off sex...for
HIM: probably a good idea.. so as not to
jump into things too quick,,,
HIM: .. would me going down on you be
considered sex?
ME: **sigh** That's gonna be tough....
ME: Well....I guess I am kinda like Bill
Clinton...I don't see oral sex as "sex"
HIM: good : )
ME: I won't say the natural temptation
won't be there....
HIM: .. it is the same for me...
ME: OK...I am totally hot right now...
HIM: shall i stop by on the way down to the
rents and take care of that for you?
HIM: *evil grin*
ME: Don't tempt me, little boy!
HIM: haha.. ok.. i have to get going..
before it gets way too late..
ME: Call me if it's not too late & you
want to stop by on your way home. :)
HIM: i'll give you a call later.. maybe if your
still up on my way back out i can....
HIM: nice : )
ME: heh-heh
HIM: talk to you later cutie.
ME: C ya
ME: Drive safe.
HIM: always.
HIM: *licks you*
ME: Yum.
ME: {{slurp}}
HIM: ; )
ME: Late.

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