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Plans are hazy for today....

I was going to meet Erick for lunch, but dinner worked better for him...but that didn't work for me.
So I rescheduled with Erick, for possibly either tomorrow night (yes, Valentine's Day...big whoop) or Sunday night after work. I think, oddly enough, that I want to gauge him for my friend, Mary. They seem perfect for each other. He is gorgeous, she is gorgeous, she's 21, he's 23, & they are both Christians. That's gonna seem kinda weird, though. "Hi, it's nice meeting you, would you like to go out with my friend, Mary?" We'll see how it goes.

I am supposed to go see my friend's movie screening today...but I think I will beg out of it & go to a different one. I can't find anyone to go with me, & I don't like the thought of driving to Beverly Hills by myself. And besides...it's always more fun to see a movie with someone else. This is the movie my old friend, Robert, did. He just showed it at Sundance, & it was apparently the "darling of Sundance." I almost pissed my pants when I opened up a recent PEOPLE magazine & saw his picture (dressed as Britney Spears) in an article, next to the real Britney. Robert is a Britney impersonator, & he looks just like her in her early years. Well, I just got off the phone with him, & told him I'd see a different screening sometime, or even have a private screening for friends at my house someday, when he gets a copy on video. He's too funny....we have known each other since 1993, but every since he came out of the closet, we haven't been as close....trust me, that's not my fault. He started hanging out with other gay people & didn't have much need for his old straigt girl friend! But he's still funny...and he came to my birthday party in December.

I am going over to Eric's house tonight, around 7:30 or so. He wants to clean up before I get there. That's cute. I know how he feels.

I think I will cancel my "lonely hearts" party for tomorrow....it was looking like only 1-2 people were going to be able to come.

I am SO stoked right now! I just found a tape that I have been looking for for years! It's a video of a mini play I did on video for English class when I was about 14. It's hideous! I look awful, I had short hair & braces (ugh!)....I had a thick Southern accent...and worst of all, I was a horrible actress! It's cool to see it from that perspective, to see how far I've come, acting-wise. I am friggin' Meryl Streep now compared to how I was then! The funniest part of it is that we kept cracking up while we were trying to film it. My best friend at the time, Ashelynn, played my husband (with this fake low manly voice that wasn't consistent) & my friend in the movie...and she was, ironically, a far better actress than I was at the time. Anyway, she was so funny, that she kept cracking me up, & you can see us totally break & start shaking with laughter, many times throughout the movie. At one point, I was doing a particularly silly scene (pretending I was at a party & popular, having numerous men wanting to dance with me....when there was no one on screen but me), & the girl narrating, Melanie, started laughing so hard she couldn't continue speaking, & we had to stop the camera. The editing is non-existent. There just wasn't any. The scenes fade out & fade up. This is one of the most hysterical things I have ever seen! I think I will send a copy to Ashelynn, even though we really don't keep in touch. She'll get a good laugh out of it.

Too funny....

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