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Your Olympic Update

As if any of you care...;-�

I am so proud of our Americans. They have done so well in these Olympics. We are second only to Germany in medals....21 total so far: 6 Gold, 8 Silver, & 7 Bronze.

Today, Jill Bakken & Vonetta Flowers set a couple of records. They won the Gold in the inaugural run of women's bobsleigh (or bobsled, as we know it). Not only did they---very unexpectedly---win the Gold medal, but Flowers is a record herself. She is the first Black to EVER win a Gold medal in the Winter Olympic Games. This medal was also the first medal that the US has seen in this sport in 46 years. The Team 1 American women were expected to win...but due to a sore hamstring, they got a bad start & placed out of medal contention. No one expected Team 2 to win...which makes the victory all the more sweet.

Ladie's figure skating isn't over yet, but things look really good after tonight's short program. Michelle Kwan is in 1st place, Irina Slutskaya (sp?) is in 2nd place (Russia), & the US's sassy Sasha Cohen is in 3rd. The US's Sarah Hughes is in 4th place. I hope---for her sake more than anything else---that Michelle gets the Gold she has always wanted. Cohen has a REALLY good shot at either Silver or Bronze. I wouldn't be surprised if the standings stay as they are tonight.

Here's what we have so far:

Women's 1000 m: Chris Witty-Gold, Jennifer
Men's 1000 m: Joey Cheek-Bronze
Men's 500 m: Casey FitzRandolph-Gold
Kip Carpenter-Bronze
Men's 5000 m: Derek Parra-Silver (world record)

Alpine Skiing:
Men's combined: Bode Miller-Silver

Women's: Bakken/Flowers-Gold

Men's Figure Skating: Timothy Goebel-Bronze

Freestyle Skiing:
Men's Aerials: Joe Pack-Silver
Men's Moguls: Travis Mayer-Silver
Women's Moguls: Shannon Bahrke-Silver

Doubles: Brian Martin/Mark Grimmette-Silver
Chris Thorpe/Clay Ives-Bronze

Short Track:
Men's 1000 m: Apolo Anton Ohno-Silver
(that's after being knocked over
& cutting his thigh w/his skate!)

Men's halfpipe: Ross Powers-Gold
Danny Kass-Silver
Jarret Thomas-Bronze
Men's Parallel Giant Slalom: Chris Klug-Bronze
(that's after a liver transplant)
Women's Halfpipe: Kelly Clark-Gold


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