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Camera Help?

I've been saving up for a new digital camera....I was wondering if anyone has either of the two I am trying to decide between, or knows someone with one, or knows of them, etc...

I am trying to decide between the Canon Powershot 2.1 Megapixel Digital ELPH S110, & the Kodak Easyshare 3.1 Megapixel Zoom Digital Camera.

They are the exact same price.

For me, the decision kinda comes down to design or more megapixels. The higher the megapixel, the better quality of photo. However, this really only matters for bigger pictures, like 8x10 & above....& I hardly ever print anything out larger than 3x5. So I am not sure that having 3.1 megapixels over 2.1 megapixels is something that will truly matter to me. The Canon has a zoom up to 2.5x, the Kodak 3x. The Kodak has a slightly better flash range (kinda important, since I tend to take pics at night). The Canon has a movie mode & audio, the Kodak does not. One quite large drawback of the Kodak is that, in order to recharge the batteries, you have to purchase the Kodak camera dock. It's kinda a cool thing, because you set your camera on it whenever you aren't using it, & it charges the batteries. But you can also easily email pics or print pics from this dock. You set the camera there & push the "print" button, & it automatically brings up your photo software. You can also email the pics easily like this. But....I have a HP Photosmart printer. It has a slot specifically for compact flash cards, so do I really need a dock? The drawback of the dock is, if I take this camera on a trip, I have to either take the dock with me (the camera itself is fairly large, & the dock is fairly large, too, although flat) or spend about $35 on a separate charger. The Canon takes rechargable batteries, & I already have a charger for those. Both cameras are $399, & the dock is an extra $80. Kodak has a "bundle" deal, which includes a 32MB card, the dock, & the camera for $489. Both cameras come with 8MB cards. The one REALLY cool aspect of the Kodak camera is that you can take pictures in black & white & sepia....I think that is a REALLY cool aspect. But I LOVE the size of the Canon. I have the Canon ELPH Advantix camera, & I love it. I love the size of it...you can literally fit it in your back pocket. It's tiny & adorable....silver & sleek. The Kodak is kinda bulky, & definitely not sleek & definitely wouldn't fit into your back pocket.

So....in all that....I would say what's making the Canon stand out is it's design, it's size, the fact that I like the Advantix ELPH, & it's movie mode/audio....what's making the Kodak stand out is the b/w & sepia modes & more megapixels (if that matters for me).

Can anyone help me out here? Any knowledge of either camera? Any thoughts or opinions? I truly cannot decide, & preferably, wanted to have this camera by the time my pc tech brings my new machine on Friday, so he can install/download all the software for me (which brings me to another problem...the Canon Digital ELPH is flying off the shelfs...it's sold out at every Best Buy, & they said they literally cannot keep it on the shelves...).

I'd appreciate any words of wisdom or knowledge or advice. :-)

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