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Ah, yes.....as you can see by the amount of silly (but addicting) quizes I just took, I am a bit bored. I have a lot on my mind...but I was just too sleepy to type anything serious tonight...so instead, I just did a bunch of pointless but fun quizes. I took some I know my friends are gonna steal! :-)

Anyway....I will probably get to serious stuff tomorrow night.

I did get my new pc today. It's very nice, & fast. I am not using Windows XP, & it definitely takes some getting used to...I like it, though. The only thing is, with my scanner, the light won't turn off. It's compatible with XP in that it works...but the light stays on 24/7. That's a pain. I don't want to have to buy a whole new scanner, when this one works otherwise.

I finally have a DVD player, on this new pc. My monitor is as big as most people's tvs, so I bought a couple of movies tonight to watch. If I get some cables to extend my old speakers, I can have surround sound! I have a sub-woofer now, & bass definitely takes some getting used to! I bought "The Matrix" & a Britney Spears video (yeah, yeah...). I almost bought "Princess Diaries," but I decided to see if I can get a free copy from Garry Marshall first. I've gotten videos & CDs from him in the past, & it never hurts to ask before I buy it. I saw him today, for "coffee" (in quotes because I don't drink coffee).

I took that camcorder case back to Best Buy today & exchanged it. It didn't fit my camera very well, & the zipper was difficult. I had to pay $10 extra, but I like the one I replaced it with. I love my new digital video camera & my new digital camera...and the coolest thing is that I paid very little money, out-of-pocket, after using the Best Buy gift cards I had...they said I set a record with how many I used! Basically, I kinda just paid for extended warranties & accessories. The Canon S110 Digital ELPH didn't come with a case, & I wanted to get an extra battery for it, since those digital camera batteries die fast, & you can't use it while you are recharging. I also got an extra battery for the camcorder, & might get another one still. The one I bought extra only lasts about 2 hours, & the one it came with only lasts one! Sheesh! Anyone know where I can get a good deal on those? The digital camcorder batteries (or digital camera batteries) are NOT cheap. Anyway...I have lots of fun new stuff to play with, & lots of instructions to read.

This new pc has Corel Draw 8 & Adobe Photoshop 5 on it....and I need some tutorial on those. I have been using Corel for a while, but just basic stuff. I know nothing of Adobe. I would love to know how to "remove" a mole from my face in old pics. Maybe Eric knows how & can teach me. He is coming over Sunday night. I asked him if he wanted to come over & play Sunday night, & he basically said, "With you or with your new computer?" ;- I imagine it will be plenty of both. :-)

I won't see him at all until Sunday, & haven't seen him since early yesterday morning...spent the night with him Tuesday night. I miss him. That's trouble right there.

How crazy is this...I think I will have to run my A/C in the bedroom tonight. It was 90 here today...and like 40 some nights recently. Crazy. Record breaking temps...and I don't like it. I much prefer the cold to the hot. I hate sweating...it's just so uncomfortable to be hot. When you are cold, you can turn on heat, cuddle up, throw layers on, hats, scarves, etc...when you are hot....once you are naked, there is nothing else you can do but sweat! I can't believe I have to use my A/C in February! I think we are in trouble this summer.

Still not speaking to my sister. She seriously annoyed me. She knows it, too. She was just online & didn't even try to chat with me. She sent me an email the other day with some stuff she needed to tell me, & at the end, said, "I still love you." She also sent me a VD card that said, "Cupid rhymes with stupid." She certainly was stupid...and I just don't feel any forgiveness yet. Does that make me a horrible person?

Sleepy...early work tomorrow....going to bed now.

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