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So I go to read my email, & there is another lovely letter from my sister waiting for me. After I told her not to contact me anymore. Here's what she said:

"Do me a favor, though and at least call Mommie Dot and thank her for sending you the money. She told me that she has not heard from you about it, not even to tell her you received it--how rude!

What are you going to do when that money runs out? What are you going to do when MD and dad refuse to send you any more money?"


What's funny is that last paragraph is an EXACT repeat of what she said in a previous email. EXACT. As if she copied & pasted it into a new email. She's a fucking broken record. How annoying. At least say something original.

When the money runs out, the money runs out. My dad has told me flat-out that he will not give me any more money. I would NEVER ask my grandmother for more money. So if I run out...I will deal with it. I always have. Every year of my life living out here on my own has been a struggling. But I always manage to make it somehow. And now won't be any different. If I have to prostitute myself, my bills will be paid. I have always taken care of myself in the end...cause I can't expect anyone else to.

And about how "rude" I am? Gimme a break. I emailed her back & said (regarding that comment), "Wow, you really are going for the 'Hypocrite of the Year' award, aren't you? I'll be sure to mail you your engraved statue soon." I mailed my grandmother a "thank you" card days ago, probably a week ago. If she hasn't gotten it, I have no control over that. I suspect I got it later than they think I should have, cause I found it one day in the "outgoing" section of my mailbox, & have no idea how long it had been there. But I am ALWAYS the one to thank people---profusely---for things. After Xmas, I send my grandmother a long thank you card...after any gift she gives me, anytime she helps me, I send a very thoughtful thank you card. I recently mailed my dad his check & sent it with a nice thank you card, as opposed to just sticking it in an envelope. I am the most thoughtful person in the family, always thanking everyone for everything. Heck, I even sent my family members (sister included, though I now wonder why) a Valentine's Day card, & have already bought them St. Paddy's day cards to send. My other grandmother even mentioned how I was the only person to remember her on VD. My sister doesn't have a thoughtful bone in her body....unless she's thinking of herself. How DARE she make such a comment???? If I could kick her ass through the internet, I would.

I was planning on calling my grandmother tomorrow, anyway (she likes me to call every 2 weeks)...and now I'll have to deal with this. If it comes up that Kathy & I are estranged...she'll want to know why (she can't) & she will get mad at ME...happens every time.

**Sigh** Sometimes I think I would be better off---mentally---without any family. I am sure others can commiserate.

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