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So today, I was driving through Hollywood to go meet a guy from the net (Robert) in Beverly Hills. I am turning right off Highland onto Hollywood Blvd., right by the new Hollywood & Highland shopping center.
I am the first car at the intersection, & the light turns green. Of course, I have to wait for people to cross the street in the crosswalk before I can go. Obviously, I do so. People cross, & then the crosswalk is clear. A couple approaches the crosswalk, & stops. They stand there talking for a while, perhaps unsure if they need to cross or not. So I go to turn right, & the second I turn right, this dumbass, indecisive couple decides to step off the curb. They then have the audacity to look it me like, "BITCH!" Hello? The crosswalk had long ago started blinking, they had had forever to cross, but decided to stand there chatting, so I finally turned. I cannot STAND people that don't give two shits for the people waiting for their ass to do something. Am I supposed to sit there a half hour while you decide whether you want to cross or not? Other people exist in the world besides yourself, ya know. Ai-yi-yi.

I hate to see my friends in pain. I'd rather take on all the pain than see my friends in pain....especially when I am helpless to do anything about it.

Eric is supposed to come over tonight to install my new hard drive & my CD changer. I hope he remembers & makes it over. If I have not heard from him by 6-7, I am going to call him.

I was going to have a keyless entry alarm installed on my truck tomorrow, but I actually managed to book work tomorrow. I am working on some Kevin Spacey/Chris Klein/Michelle Williams movie tomorrow, entitled "United States of Leland." Never heard of it. I am playing a high school student (no lines), naturally. 30 years old, still playing a high school student. :-) I am grateful for the work...VERY grateful...but the call time is painful....7AM in Long Beach. It will probably take me at LEAST an hour at that time of day...so that means I will be waking up around 5AM tomorrow morning, & not washing my hair.
Oh well...generally, with that early of a call-time, you end up getting released pretty early, cause they really don't like to pay all the SAG extras overtime. It really adds up...and they also have to feed me every 6 hours, or pay me a meal voucher. So I imagine I'd be released around 6-7, which would actually be a pain, traffic-wise...but hey, they gotta pay mileage, too! Sweet! I just wonder how late Eric will be here tonight...he probably won't even get here until 8PMish, & I have no clue how long it will take to install the CD changer (can't imagine the hard drive taking too long). Maybe I should take a nap. Watch me take a nap & Eric "forget" & never make it over. **sigh** I have resigned myself to it being "over" with Eric...I truly cannot imagine any other outcome...I am trusting my gut on this one. Too bad, really....yes, I admit to being sad about it. I truly liked him. That's the way these things go...I believe that the right person will come along for me when the universe decides it's time. I'm in no hurry. And I truly don't need the drama. Perhaps it's just my destiny to date a bunch of different guys right now, & not settle with any one guy.

My friend, lapintada, got her gift today. She seemed to really like it, which makes me pleased as punch! flameprincess helped me decide on a gift. I sent her one, too, but she hasn't opened it yet, I guess. I don't think she's quite in the mood. They were "thank you" gifts....those girls have just been so good to me. I'd thank them more if I could. I'd move the moon for them if I could! :-)

Watched my new Britney Spears DVD on my new pc last night...had to turn the volume way down, cause the sound (with that sub woofer) is just crazy! I was worried my neighbor could hear it!

Grammys tonight!

The rest of my week is nutty....movie work tomorrow, movies ("Crossroads" & "A Walk to Remember") & a bachelorette party with my friend Erin on Friday, work on Saturday, and Aimee's wedding on Sunday (gone all day, it's near San Diego). I have plans next Tuesday night, & a seminar next Wednesday night. Crazy. Oh well....it's good for me to get off my duff & DO stuff! (I'm a poet & I didn't know it.)

Yesterday, I went to Fry's to get my new hard drive. I asked a salesguy where to get the 60GB drive (on sale) that I wanted, & he told me to get in the computer line (behind about 8 men....no women around anywhere....odd!). So I get in the computer line, & I am talking on my cellphone to Erin at the time. All the men around were highly amused with my end of the conversation (she wanted to know what was going on with Eric). Finally, I get up to the salesguy, & he asks me what I need. I tell him I want the Western Digital 60GB hard drive on sale. So he goes to get it & then takes my info. He tells me that I need to wait for this other salesguy to call my name, give me a printout, & then I take that up to the register (across the store). So I finally get my printout, & I start walking down an aisle to the checkout area. This salesguy (the one who got me the hard drive), calls out my name & says "bye"...I thought that was a little odd...even just that he remembered my name. And then, I am standing at the cashier (across the store, remember) paying, when this same salesguy comes up & says, "Can I see the printout? I just want to make sure she's getting the sale price." Upon seeing I am, he says goodbye again & goes back to the pc section. Odd!

Today, I was driving back from Bev. Hills, when a guy pulls up next to me & says, "Sorry to bother you, but if you just have a minute, I can give you a really good deal on fixing that dent on your truck." I tell him I have it taken care of (my insurance is paying for it), & he yells out, "I can fix it for $300!" I again tell him, "I have it covered, but thank you very much." Again. Odd.
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