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Too exhausted to go into all the recent drama....

Where the HELL is Eric? He called me this morning to tell me he left his cellphone charger in my truck, & could I possibly swing by his parent's house & drop it off on my way to work? Too bad I was going to a wedding near San Diego today. Too bad I announced that last night in his parent's car, & I had a conversation with his parents about it then & there.....and yet he didn't hear it, cause he doesn't pay a bit of attention where I am concerned. So supposedly, he's been without his charger all day, & the battery was almost dead. He was at church when I called him back, so I left a message telling him approx. what time I'd be home tonight, & that if he wanted to swing by to pick it up, he could. But he never called me back! So here I sit with his damn charger (he is 100% dependent on his cellphone, he doesn't even have a land line at his apartment....he uses his cell for everything), wanting to go to sleep, knowing he needs the charger, not wanting to wake up again if he comes over late & bangs on the door....and he won't call me & tell me what's up. I asked him to leave me a voice mail telling me what he wanted to do, so that I WOULDN'T be in this predicament. Damnit. He's so inconsiderate. I just called his parent's house & talked to his brother...usually, he stays at their house fairly late on Sundays, because he usually goes to church with his parents at 6PM....and his brother said he left quite some time ago, & he didn't know if he was coming back or had already headed back to North Hills. I left a message on Eric's cellphone, but if he didn't find a way to charge it, he won't be able to get that message. Knowing him, he probably didn't want to miss any of Shelly's phone calls (the girl I suspect he's seeing now), so he probably ran over to Best Buy & bought a new charger. That's fine & dandy...but he should have let me know, one way or the other. Oh well....I am going to sleep by 10PM....and if he hasn't come over or called by then....tough break. If he didn't buy a new one, this is something HE needs....not me. Just to cover my butt, I will leave him one more message. To be fair (although I shouldn't give a SHIT about being fair), I did tell him on my message that I wouldn't be home til approx. 9-10PM....and it's only now 9:30. My gut tells me he bought a new one, he's addicted to that damn phone....and so far, my gut hasn't steered me wrong lately.

Oh, & just for a short snipit...yes, it's definitely romantically over between us. *I* had to bring it up, Lord knows when he would have, which irritates the shit out of me. According to him, he genuinely seems to want to remain friends & "hang out" (as opposed to the insincere, blowing-smoke-up-your-ass "I want us to be friends" bullshit), but I don't know if I want that....especially at this point. He's not even been that great of a "friend" (minus installing my hard drive & CD changer, of course).

More on all this in detail soon....I know you are just chomping at the bit to hear it all....but I just can't deal right now. :-(

The wedding was gorgeous, & more on that later, too.

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