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Animal drama

Toby is barking incessantly outside, wanting to come in the house. He's no dummy, he knows I'm home, & knows he normally gets to be inside when I am home. I only hope the barking is not driving my neighbors nuts. For one thing, I have to teach him that he doesn't get his way by barking.

But the other thing is....I have been in my "office" for many hours, watching my foster kitty, Ernie. I became a foster mom for death row cats as of yesterday. I don't know if I am cracked up for it, but I wanted to help.

Ernie is a 10 year old orange & white tabby. He's really overweight...I think he might weigh more than my dog! He's a big guy....but SO gentle, SO sweet, SO affectionate....I took him to get groomed today (he was filthy & his long hair was matted), & they had nothing but positive things to say about him.

The problem? He refuses to use a litter box. I am not sure why. I put 3 different ones around the room, so he'd have a choice. He has already ruined my expensive Papasan chair....even just to replace the cushion costs $65....and I simply don't have that right now. I am scared to leave the room...because I am a pack rat & have stuff all over, I am worried what he will ruin next. This carpet is brand new, too, & I am only renting. It's HARD to get rid of cat pee smell...not to mention just gross. Ernie was an "owner surrender," & maybe this is why. Maybe he just stopped using the litter box, so the family decided they couldn't keep him. I understand the sentiment.

I love this big guy already. He's so sweet & affectionate, I cannot even describe it. He looks up at me with those sweet, loving, trusting eyes...begging to be loved. I know, it sounds schlocky, but it's true. I can read his eyes, & he is so grateful that his life was saved, so grateful to be loved.

Update.....he just tried to pee on the Papasan chair again. I intercepted this attempt (this is why I didn't want to leave the room)& picked him up & placed him in his litter box. He jumped out....walked around, thought about things....and then walked over, sniffed the litter box, jumped in & appeared to be doing his business.

Well, glory be....he DID pee in the litter box!! Oddly enough, though...he peed in it, then immediately jumped out, & instead of kicking/pushing the litter around in the box, made the motions to do that on the carpet, even though he didn't pee on the carpet. Very confusing, indeed. And just now (this is a live report, folks) he put his paw back in the box, tossed the litter around....and then repeated the action outside the box. Strange, indeed....can I possibly get him to use the box from now on? If not....I will be forced to give him to another foster parent who is better equipped to deal with this problem....


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