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I looks like I could get a job at Best Buy. The pay is pretty damn good, & the best thing is the discounts I would get on Best Buy merchandise...and I shop there all the time. The $200 CD changer I just bought would have cost me $80, & installation would have been half the normal price. **sigh** I should have gotten the job there & THEN gotten all the stuff I just bought! But I am not sure it's a job I could handle, especially since it's "returns." But the guy who works there, he says it's not that bad. If you get a nasty customer, you almost immediately pass it off to a manager. I can't handle people being mean to me...even though, logically, I know it's not personal. It still FEELS personal to me.

I am just really confused about it. I definitely need the money. But can I still go to auditions & occasionally get extra/stand-in work if I have a part-time job? It's a bit scary for me...the thought. And I simply don't know what to do.

I got an audition for FAO Schwartz in LA. They called me from NYC today & asked me to audition on Sat. I think I would be auditioning to portray Alice in Wonderland, as a toy demonstrator. I don't know if it's for the opening or part-time or what. I guess I can ask when I call to confirm tomorrow. How cool would that be? I love playing Alice...and damnit, I'm good at it! :-)

My stomach REALLY hurts....I hope this Xantax helps. I am in a lot of discomfort. :-(
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