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Eric found my journal. He read quite a bit of it. He's probably reading it right now! Aren't ya, ya little stinker!

He also knows I read his about a week ago.

I made the mistake of commenting on one of his friend's journals, & he recognized my picture, & clicked on my journal...and basically read every entry that mentioned him...and some were NOT too flattering.

I discovered he had read my journal when he sent me an email that said, "Ouch. A putz & a young man with immaturity issues."


He was irritated that people he didn't even know where making judgements on him, when they didn't know his side of the story. I pointed out that I recently had pretty much stated his side...he didn't like me, he likes Shelly. That's pretty much the Reader's Digest version of his side. And I actually stated that he can't be blamed or called a jerk for not liking me. That's life. I can't make everyone like me. Lord knows. My ex who dumped me & broke my heart....he can't be blamed for that, either. He didn't love me. That's life. I think he was a bit hurt from the things he read...but I explained that I didn't say anything I wouldn't say to his face....I DO think he's immature...but he's 26. He even said, "Yeah, I'll be 17 til the day I die." Sometimes, even when you admit you have negatives, it hurts more when someone else notices! :-) It's like when people will bitch about their mother, & then you say something nasty about their mother, & they say, "DON'T TALK ABOUT MY MOMMA THAT WAY!" HUH?

Anyway....we had a GREAT talk. He kinda opened up to me about things for the first time. I didn't want to get off the phone, I was enjoying our talk so much. Yes...we are still JUST FRIENDS. But I really enjoyed talking to him. The lines of communication were open for pretty much the first time. He said the only thing against being more serious about me was the timing. I told him it was because of his feelings for Shelly...and he needs to be honest with her & tell her how he feels. It's quite likely she feels the same, but is scared to tell him. I told him it might be best if he goes for YOUNGER women, just as it's best that I go for OLDER men. I also told him he can talk to me about Shelly or any other girls...no subjects are off limits....now that I know where I stand, I am cool.

It was a great talk.

I think the Xantax is helping my belly a bit...it's kinda hurting me badly right now...possibly because I ate a little while ago. Sometimes I think I am feeling better...which is good cause that means we have found what is wrong with me. The other times, I think the medicine is not helping...which is bad, cause that means whatever is wrong with me is still a mystery. I just want to know what's wrong...and start fixing the problem!

I gotta go make brownies for Eric's parents....

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