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I think I have put my finger on the top things that made me bummed things didn't work out with Eric (romantically).

As of recently, I have really come to like his family. They are genuinely good people. His parents are way cool, & his brother is funny...haven't met the sister yet. But it would have been cool to have gotten to know them better, & to have spent more time with them.

Eric's a genuinely good guy, too. Yes, by his own admittance, he's got some immaturity issues, & he's definitely got some baggage (hey, who doesn't?), but he's a good person. He would do anything for someone he cares about, even if they don't appreciate it. He's the kind of person I could call at 3AM, stranded on the freeway, & he'd come out to help me. Also, he's calm...it takes quite a bit to ruffle his feathers. I've always wanted a calm, rational laid-back boyfriend...since I am primarily the opposite!

I am very attracted to him. It's not his looks themselves, per se, but he has a sexiness about him. I just want to devour him when I see him. Especially when he looks at me a certain way. Very hot.

And the biggest reason? He represents "hope" for me. You have no idea how difficult it is to find men who don't drink, don't smoke, don't do drugs, etc. Ohmigosh is it hard! And he doesn't do any of that stuff (or at least, wouldn't have had alcohol around me). I never thought I'd meet a guy like that. Well, the truth is, those guys are definitely out there, but I am usually not attracted to them. And here, finally, I found a guy who doesn't do that crap, AND I was attracted to him. That's a find, to be sure.

So it bums me out, for sure, that it didn't work. Thus...the search continues. But now I know it IS possible.

Yea! :-)

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