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This is TOO damn funny!

Stolen with pride from the more discreet mysticprincess

I am the Veggie Log or the Nice Poop...

I am A Floater .

Floaters, the free birds of the shit family. Floaters drift through life without a care in the world, taking everything with a grain of salt, and smiling the whole way though. But friend of floaters are far and few in between. Because of there lofty views and social behavior, floaters tend to seem like they just don't give a damn about anything, the reason being, because they usually don't.
What Kinda Shit Are You?

This doesn't really fit me....cause we all know, with an ulcer, I take on EVERY care in the world, everything bothers me, & I give many damns about most things. :-)

I think my second runner up was "Diarrhea," & "Skid Mark" would have fit me, except for the part about wanting to get to the top at other's expense.....

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