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Now that I know what kind of shit I am (I couldn't have gone on without that knowledge), I need to get moving. I have to take my truck in to get repaired today. What an annoyance, & an inconvenience...all because some IDIOT without insurance didn't know how to drive. Argh. Enterprise will withdraw $250 cash from my account for the rental car. My insurance company reimburses me, but I still have to pay out of pocket. I truly hope they fix the truck by the end of the week. Both the front & the back doors will have to be replaced, & they will have to do some serious work on the back panel, since it's horribly scratched. **sigh** This is bringing back all those emotions from the wreck. Why can't people pay attention? Heck, I talk on a cellphone & STILL pay attention better than people who have no distractions. There are some people who should simply not be on the road...and I still believe he bought his damn "license" on the street corner some where. How can it be legal to get a driver's license when you don't speak English? The road signs are in English. I don't get it. I received the police report, finally. The guy who hit me was trying to turn northbound out of a driveway (I was driving southbound), & says I was in the number 1 lane...when I was clearly in the number 2 (the far right lane). Maybe he thought I was in the number 1 because I SWERVED into the left lane to TRY to avoid being hit by him...didn't work, obviously, but I imagine it would have been a lot worse if I HADN'T swerved. Here's the thing...he claims he didn't see me until he hit me. HUH!?!?!? How do you MISS a BIG WHITE TRUCK right in front of your friggin' face??? And he made eye contact with me before he pulled out. I think he was on drugs. Whatever.

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