Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

Foster kitty on my lap.....

.....so it's hard to type! This foster kitty is sooooo sweet. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why someone would have given him up. I have named him Ernie. He is just adorable. So soft, so sweet, totally huggable & kissable. He had a cold, but he is feeling better, & his personality is coming out more. He's so affectionate. I was worried at first, because he wasn't using the litter box (he ruined my Papasan chair!), but it seemed to be something he had to re-learn, & now he uses it fine.

I just cannot imagine having a sweet, adorable, affectionate cat for 10 years & then taking him to the pound (knowing he will get put to sleep if not adopted, & cats/dogs over 1 year old rarely get adopted) & saying, "Here ya go, I don't want him anymore." I just don't understand. I wouldn't give up Duncan (who's almost 10) for all the tea in China. And my dog, Toby, is also 8-10 years old, & he was an "owner surrender," too. The sweetest, smartest dog.....can't imagine why someone wouldn't want him anymore. The Kitten Rescue lady said that she has heard every excuse in the book....one lady gave up her cat because he clashed with her new couch...one gave up her cat because her new boyfriend didn't like him. Truly unbelievable. They ought to screen people before they are allowed to adopt an animal, same as they screen people before they can adopt a baby! Just as some people are not fit to be parents of human children, some people are not fit to be parents to animal children. Amnimal abuse wil piss me off more than anything!

I recently found an ex-boyfriend. We dated when we were like....14 or 15 years old. He's a really cool guy, & damn, his looks improved ten fold! He was cute in junior high, but now he's a hottie! I literally would not have recognized him if I had bumped into him on the street. We are chatting online right now, in fact. He seems like a great guy, he was always very smart. He's a lawyer in FL now.

I still hope my ex, John, gets to come out this summer to visit. That would be so nice.

I am bummed again today about money.....I thought I would JUST be okay for July's first of the month bills (rent, health insurance, medical payment), but then I tried on my shorts, & none of them fit....I put on weight around my stomach (now that the fat can't go to my legs). So I have to buy new shorts.....that sucks. I really was going to be good & not buy many new clothes for the trip, but I have to have shorts this summer, & my old ones are all too small now. So besides being depressed about having to spend that money, I am depressed that I can't fit my clothes....a very sad day.

I truly wanted to have a little spending money for the cruise....when is the next time I am going to be in Turkey, Italy, & Greece? And yet, so far, it looks like I won't have anything to spend. That truly sucks.

More later....

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