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"Fear Factor".....is there any show more disgusting....or oddly entertaining? These people are NUTS! All for $50K! Crazy! You would think that they would go easier on the celebrities...but nope...they sure don't. The reason I would think they would is because it's for charity. It's not random people who want money for this or that, the money goes to charity. But I guess they can't make it too easy, so they make it just as hard as for non-famous folk.

Tonight's episode was as creepy as always. The first stunt was not so bad...not that that means *I* could have done it, because I probably couldn't have. It required immense arm strength, of which I have none. They had to scale the side of this awful building sideways across glass windows, about 50 stories up or so. They had to grab these handles to help themselves across, with virtually no foothold. They had to take a yellow strip across to another window many windows away, then go back & get another yellow strip...and do it all in a certain amount of time. Kelly Packard & Alan Thicke were the two people to not continue on. Alan slipped & fell (they were held up by cables), & Kelly did well, but not as fast as subsequent competitors.

The next stunt was hideous. I might not have even gone through with it. They had to lay down in a glass coffin, & be covered with disgusting things. On their head, they had 3000 Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches dumped on them. Everytime these fuckers get pissed (which is often, when you flick them around), they hiss...and that is pretty wiggy. Then, on your torso, they dump 100 snakes...and you have to find all the white ones & put them in a separate container. On your legs, they dump 14,000 nightcrawler worms....which of course, included lots of worm poop. They had to keep the cockroaches separate from the snakes, because they agitate each other. Alison Sweeney, from "Days of Our Lives," FREAKED out. They said no one had ever wigged as much as she did. I would have been the same way. I think the smell would have been more than I could have handled. Every one made it to the final round, except for Alison...but they made her a deal. Joe said if she ate 3 worms, she would go on to the final round, & he would eat a cockroach. Well, crazy girl, she did it, & Joe ate the cockroach. Crazy people!!!!!

The final round was pretty bad. They got submerged in cold water in a locked cage, with several different keys, only one of which fit the lock. They had to hold their breath, underwater, & find the correct key, unlock the lock, open the door of the cage, & then swim up to a safety buoy. For one thing, I have never been able to hold my breath long. Plus, you'd be freaking out, just thinking about running out of breath & not being able to get out of this cage. Yikes!

Kevin Richardson (Backstreet Boys) did fine, but took too much time. Stephen Baldwin (who is a DUFUS, in my opinion) set the bar high with a time of 24 seconds. That's amazing, really. Ali Landry panicked.
Ali Sweeney did great, & was out of the cage & water by 20 seconds...but misjudged where the buoy was, & couldn't find it in time.
So the dufus won...but at least it goes to a good charity...his mom's cancer research fund.

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