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Holy snykies!

When they said there'd be a girl on girl kiss on "Once & Again," they weren't kidding! I think it was the longest same sex kiss I have seen on national TV, with the exception of the WAY HOT one "Ally McBeal" had. And this same sex kiss was two teenage girls, so that seems even more incredible. I think it was awesome...way to go, ABC! I wonder how many complaints they will get. It was very tastefully done, a great story line.

In the other main storyline tonight, I found my reaction surprising. The character of Grace, who I figure to be about 17 years old, has a crush on her high school teacher, who is played by 80's actor Eric Stolz. Normally, I would look at something like that with disgust. I mean, he's at LEAST my age, if not older, & she's 17...he's her teacher. But they played this one scene where they were in his car, & he was telling her that they COULDN'T be friends....and then they just kinda stared at each other. The chemistry between these two actors was amazing...even more amazing considering the age difference. He warned her, "You'd better get out of the car now," & she responded, "Why?" Pause. It looked like they were moving in for a kiss, when Grace's mother knocked on the car window, spoiling the moment. I couldn't believe it, but I WANTED them to kiss! That's weird! Maybe because I know it's not real...and in real life, it would bother me...but I dunno...

It was a good episode...

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