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Think I'm gonna have a coke float....it sounds good, anyway. Caffeine free Coke, of course. :-)

I have to finish working on the jacuzzi this afternoon. I already took the blue tarp off, which had living creatures in it. Ick. The jacuzzi's been covered since last summer. It's pretty dirty inside, too. I am going to try to clean it without having to drain it...since it doesn't drain. I'd have to use a wet/dry vac....and what a pain that would be. When I get any water in the backyard, it turns into a mud bath. There's a bunch of dirt on the bottom...not so bad, but I don't know if my crappy vacumn will clean it. Maybe I should get a better one. I tested the water....there's no bromine left (no shock there), the pH level is fine, but the alkalinity is low. I am going to take some water to Leslie's Pool Supplies tomorrow & see what I need to put in the water. The water level is low, but not as bad as I expected. I am going to go work on it after my soap is over, & I have a lot to do. I need to clean the cover. Even under the tarp, it got dirty. I have to clean the heating pad on top of the water. I will try to vacumn it. I have to cut a round hole in the heating pad in order to make my "invention" work. That's something I will write about if it works. I will be testing it out...it might not be such a brilliant idea. We'll see. If it works, it will be fucking brilliant...but I can't take all the credit, since my friend Michael gave me the idea, & the guy at Lowe's helped me figure out how to make it happen.

It's gonna be a mess in the backyard, with the hose on, & all the dirt. Ick. I really want to make the entire backyard concrete. But that will take a lot of money. Which I ain't got. Naturally.

I can't believe how fast weeds grow in my backyard...even THROUGH the concrete. Amazing.

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