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Went to Wendy's for dinner. I am trying to eat a bit healthier, or at least, not so greasy & spicy. I usually go to Wendy's & get a burger or a chicken sandwich & a plain baked potato with some sour cream. Yum. Twice in the last 3 days, I have asked for a "sour cream & chives baked potato with NO chives," & they have covered it in chives. Ick. Chives=bad. How difficult can it be to get that order right? What part of "no chives" do you think they aren't getting?
I spent 5 minutes picking the chives off. What an annoyance. I should just buy my own potatoes...but I NEVER cook them the right amount of time....I either over or under cook them. And it's only a buck at Wendy's.

My jacuzzi invention worked but not perfectly. I need to go back to the drawing board. See the problem is that the soft cover sinks in & makes a huge pool on top when it rains. And it's almost impossible to get all the water off once it pools up. So my friend Michael had a really good idea. Put something in the jacuzzi, in the middle, that stands up out of the jacuzzi, lifting the cover up in the middle....therefore, the water will roll off the cover, instead of pooling & sinking the cover down. Well...it worked...kinda. I went to Lowe's & got some thick PVC tubing, & a little stand for it, so it sits on the bottom (although I might need to make the base heavier). I had to cut a round hole in the heating pad to fit the PVC pipe through. And it works, on one side better than the other. On one side, the top still sags in a little (it's a form fitting top, so I couldn't do anything like wooden slats inside the cover), so the water will still pool in there. Shoot. I don't know what else to do. I was thinking about maybe buying another PVC pipe & setting up two poles inside, one for each side...but then, I already have the hole cut in the center.

Of course, the ideal thing would be to find a hard cover to buy...but I don't know if I will be able to find one that fits this jacuzzi...that would be ideal, though.

Anyone have an idea? A way to improve upon this idea? I am open to any suggestions, & obviously, cheaper is better. :-)

I still have to clean my living room tomorrow. **Sigh** I don't know how I let things get so bad. It's because I am constantly buying new stuff, & never throwing anything out...and I have no space.

I need to straighten up the backyard tomorrow. I am so sick of it. The dirt is a pain in the ass. When we use the jacuzzi, you get dirt all over your feet walking from the jacuzzi to the house or vice versa. The trick is to wear sandals until you reach the jacuzzi, then slip out of them & into the jacuzzi...and then put them on before your feet touch the ground when you get out. What a pain. And I have tons of ants in my backyard...what the hell is up with that? This backyard is irritating the crap out of me...but I guess, if it's one of my only complaints about this house, that I am doing okay. After all, I don't spend THAT much time back there.

I decided to take Toby with me to Wendy's. He used to LOVE going for car rides when I had my Beetle. But when I got the truck, he started getting car sick & throwing up bile. Yum. So I stopped taking him anywhere. But right now, I am driving this zippy little Ford Escort rental car while they repair my truck. He was so excited that he dragged me to the car. And then he upchucked bile in the back seat. I thought it was the truck...he didn't barf in the Beetle. But apparently, now he just gets carsick in anything. Ick. How pleasant. Good thing I put a towel down, just in case.

I emailed my dad back...but just kept it plain & simple. I posted this somewhere, but this is all I said:
"Just letting you know I received your email....and I am sorry you feel that way. I'm sorry you feel that if you are not nagging me, we have nothing else to talk about. I didn't know I was so shallow & boring. I thought I handled my request with lighthearted humor, & I regret that you took it so negatively, or that it hurt your feelings.

I'll be sure to let you know of the weather changes."

That last sentence was courtesy of faeriewitch! :-)

I need to go to Leslie's tomorrow to have my jacuzzi water tested....I need to get a better jacuzzi vacumn if they have a fairly inexpensive one. I need to go the the Glendale library & get the "Side Show" sheet music, if it's not checked out. I'll call first, have them hold it for me. Shoot...I needed to do some other stuff, but I forget what.
Most importantly...I need to clean!

I wonder if Erin came back from Vegas yet...I haven't heard from her.

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