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So this guy clicks on my profile on HotorNot.com. I thought he looked kinda decent, so I clicked yes to him.

He responded with this LOOOONG email, telling me why I should date him.

Two of the reasons amused/disgusted me:
-can last 35-50 minutes without Viagra
-I trim my pubes

Ummm....does this schmuck or any other man think that having intercourse for 35-50 minutes straight is a PLUS??? You gotta be kidding me. Am I unusual? Am I the only woman who is annoyed by this? Foreplay is lots of fun....but I don't want actual intercourse going any longer than 5-10 minutes...that's all I can handle. And the whole shebang---foreplay included---shouldn't be longer than 30-60 minutes. That's just me. But I DETEST "marathon" men...men who just keep going, like the energizer bunny....and then they want to go again in 15-30 minutes. **sigh** I'm going to write him back & inform him that---to me---THAT is NOT a plus, in fact, it's a serious turn-OFF!
The trimming of the pubes...that's a wonderful thing, everybody should trim, but I find that strange to announce to an absolute stranger...but again, maybe that's just me...

Am I ever going to find a man whose sex drive is as small as mine?
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