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The wind is CRAZY outside today. There's a thin steel fence separating my yard & Nick's, & it has been flapping like crazy in the wind. The noise has been spooking me today. I can't believe how windy it is.

I booked work for tomorrow, & almost blew it! When the guy called, I told him I wasn't available tomorrow....either thinking tomorrow was today (have a seminar tonight) or still thinking shebear was coming over tomorrow night. So we hung up...and then I realized my idiocy, quickly called him back, & apologized profusely for my "crack smoking moment." He laughed, & gave me the info. So I am working as a stand-in on "Philly." That's a good show, & the one guy on it (who plays Judge Ripley) is SOOOO hot!!! I hope I see him tomorrow. I think I am going to be working really late, because my call isn't until noon. The early calls usually get out early...the late calls are usually there a while! Hey, I am cool with overtime! And stand-ins make a bit more than extras! Woo-hoo! I would assume I am standing in for a kid...that's always the case....with the exception of the Down Syndrome girl. You get treated a lot better as a stand-in, cause you are technically considered crew...as opposed to cattle.
Yea! Work! I couldn't be happier, I hate sitting around home doing nothing but writing in my journal & taking quizzes all day! LOL! And I love making money, so I can pay some bills! Yea! I would love to book work every day!!!!! That'd be so awesome! And "Philly" is a cool show....and I am SO much happier being a SI over an extra...SOOO much happier.

Going to an acting seminar, "Success in the Industry," tonight at the Celebrity Centre International. Yes...that's the Church of Scientology, folks. Yes, I am well aware that they will try really hard to "recruit" me. I am going because a casting director I met is speaking, & she requested that I go. Sorry folks, but as a struggling actress, when a casting director asks me to go somewhere, within reason, I GO! The main speaker is Gay Ribisi, Giovanni's mom, & she's a personal manager. I plan on taking one of the pics of me & her son acting together in "Other Sister." The "guest speaker" is Juliette Lewis, whom I also worked with on "Other Sister." She probably wouldn't remember me, since my one scene was with Giovanni, not her. I'll be sure to report what happens. {{robotically}} Or-maybe-I-will-pledge-all-my-money-and-belongings-to-Scientology-and-you'll-never-hear-from-me-again. ;-�

I received the DMV renewal for my Beetle...which I don't have anymore...which concerns me that Rebecca didn't transfer it over. I mailed in the slip stated I'd sold it, to the DMV, a loooong time ago. Hmmm...maybe I should call?

I have decided I am glad things didn't get more serious with Eric. I wouldn't be able to food around with Chris when he's here this weekend, I wouldn't be able to fool around with John when he comes out in May, I wouldn't be able to have a shipboard romance on the cruise in June, etc....of course, I might be seeing someone by May/June...but I seriously doubt it. There's benefits to being single.

BTW, I didn't get that Alice gig at FAO Schwartz. They were not happy that I didn't have full availability on the weekends. Bummer. Their loss.

Erin's grandmother finally passed. It sounds like the funeral might be Saturday, cause Erin is expected back at work on Sun. Bless her heart. Losing a loved one is NEVER easy.

Gave Toby a bath today...he's so clean....yea! We like that!

Speaking of clean....*I* need to get into the shower!

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