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Sleeeeeepy...going to bed now.

They changed the call time to a half hour later tomorrow. I have to be on the set at 12:30PM. It sounds like it might be a really late night....while I don't mind making overtime pay, I hope I am not there TOO late. I can guarantee the lead actors don't like being there too late.

The seminar tonight was informative. Juliette Lewis looks the best I have ever seen her look. She's grown her hair out, made it blonde, & just looks happy & healthy. At one point, this dufus guy in the back kept asking these dumb questions, & then started talking about how he's late everywhere. The casting director, Lisa, was trying to figure out what his problem is, when Juliette announces matter-of-factly into the microphone (thus booming through the speakers), "He needs to lay off the pot." ROFL! I thought that was hysterical. Especially since I know Juliette was on drugs when Garry Marshall offered her the role in "Other Sister," & told her if she wanted the role, she had to "get clean." Well, she did, obviously, & I believe she's been clean every since. The guy turned bright red & laughed, & certainly didn't deny it...so you know it was true. He even had that whole "surfer dude" way of talking.

Lisa totally remembered me...that's a good thing. She's starting to cast a lot of stuff again, too. Excellent. Who knows? She also mentioned, "So if I wanted to take my kids to Knott's Berry Farm, I could give you a call?" Ummmm...yeah! Especially if it will get us better acquainted, you'll see me perform...and if the part of a petite, curvy, youthful looking blonde comes around...I'm your gal!

I then watched a REALLY lame short film about Scientology. It seriously cracked me up. I was laughing outloud at a very serious, dramatic part. The guy on the film---who had really bouncy, silly hair---said, "You can walk out those doors & never mention Scientology ever again. That's all right with us, you can do that. You can also walk off a bridge to your death. You can fire a loaded gun at your head, too." Heh-heh...the implication being, if you didn't start following Scientology, you were gonna die! It doesn't seem that funny here, but the guy was SO serious on the film, the background music was swelling & very dramatic....did I mention his silly hair? Very, very amusing.

More tomorrow....or maybe Friday...I dunno...peace out!

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