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.....are so confusing.

Wow, how shocking! You might be saying, "Thanks for that clever observation, Captain Obvious!"

I don't know what's going on with Franco. I still haven't heard from him, & now it's been a week & a day. My only hope is the reminder that his parents are still there for another week. I promised myself I would remain patient & not freak out until after next weekend, when his parents are gone. He is extremely busy on the street, constantly running some game, etc. He hardly ever had time off....and with his parents onboard, he probably is not checking his email. I also emailed my friend Dwayne, & he hasn't responded yet, either, & I know he's not ignoring me. So that's good.

Yet....for all my excuses....I just can't help but wonder. If he cared about me & truly wanted to see me again....wouldn't he have FOUND or MADE time to email me, even just to say, "Had a great time with you, hope you got home safely?" I mean, let's face it, how long does it take to write a quick email? And seems he would be curious if I made it home okay, etc. But maybe I am giving a male too much credit, that is much more of a female thing to do.

But like I said before, his interest sure SEEMED to be more than purely physical....and he was the one who kept making comments about "when we're married...." & saying he wanted me to come visit him when he got ACD. And since he didn't push for sex, I just didn't think that was all he was after....since he didn't seem to be really after that.

But what do I know, right? It's silly for me to even consider a thought about having something with a man who lives on a ship in Europe. Just plain silly. But for some reason....he stuck with me. I think it's because, not only was he handsome, but he made me feel good, was intelligent, & we shared the same sense of humor. And I never seem to find that out here.

I don't want a relationship right now, anyway....so maybe having an "occasional romance" with someone long-distance would be perfect....IF he were game. And that is unknown at this point.

Oddly enough....Bruce, the guitarist for the Stingrays, DID email me back. He appears to have just checked his email yesterday, since my sister & I emailed him our first day back, & he just responded yesterday. I have to remind myself that not everyone checks their email every day, like I do. And on a ship, especially when you are working, & there are probably few computers to be shared by a crap load of employees, I imagine it's difficult. Oddly enough, BRUCE seems interested! He is definitely flirting with me, which he did on the ship, too. I was attracted, but busy with Franco! Bruce is a very attractive & sexy older man....but my sister is "in love" with him! So that makes me feel a bit guilty about flirting with him. But other than thinking she is a nice person, I am pretty sure he's not interested in her....and she will only be interested in him until her next obsession comes along!

More men.....

I met two new guys this week. Both from the internet. One, Kent, took me on a long Harley ride to Malibu, which was nice (but butt-numbing!). He didn't look like I thought he would, so I wasn't sure how attracted to him I was. He seemed to be a very nice guy, though....but I kinda got the impression that he was not interested in me. I haven't heard from him again, so I could be right on that one....although when I walked away, he said, "Let's do this again".....and I will never understand why guys say things like that if they don't intend to see you again.....just say, "It was fun," & leave it at that. Don't make promises or offers you have no intention of keeping.

Then today, I had lunch with a guy named Mike. He is a smart guy, & a "jack of all trades." He didn't really look like I expected, either. He seems to be a bit heavier than what I tend to go for....but I had a really hard time determining if it was predominantly muscle or fat. It honestly seemed to be more muscle than fat, but it was truly hard to tell. But I did find myself attracted to him...he had a very cute face, pretty eyes....and was smart, which is always attractive. And he seemed to enjoy meeting me, too, cause he has already emailed me, & we just met today. He wants to get together again. So we'll see what happens there....

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