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OK...hitting the hay. I am really tired. Cheri & I stayed up late last night doing some...ummm...weird shit. Yes, that is my newly "out" girlfriend, but no, we weren't fooling around. But still...weird stuff (well, weird to some, maybe not to others). Not sure if it's something I want to discuss here or not. For one thing, we were watching porn videos until my VCR crapped out & ate the tapes. Cheri ALWAYS wants to watch porn. In fact, I saw our friends this morning, told them Cheri & I stayed up late, & Mary said, "Was Cheri watching porn?" Heh-heh...too funny.

Had to get up early to go to work. Was supposed to have Chris come over tonight. I begged out of it. He's coming over tomorrow night after work, though, & there's no chance of getting out of that. Who knows, I might just have a really good time with him. But I swear....NO marathon sex! That's for sure! Frankly, I have put on so much weight since '92, when he saw me last, he may not even WANT to fool around with me. Can't blame him...his body is so firm & cut. Then again, he was cut back then, & I was "soft," & he liked me then. I used to look at him & think, "Why in the WORLD would a guy this hot be interested in ME?"

Ate too much cheese tonight...gonna pay for that.

Watching this Matthew Shepard movie on TV....it's not really written that well (but very well acted), but it's still sad. From the first moments, when that sheriff cut his almost lifeless, beat up body off the fence, I was in tears. Makes me sick that hate could do something that awful. How can anyone hate enough to kill someone who NEVER did anything to them??? How??? It disgusts me. Hatred of homosexuals in particular makes me sick. How can you HATE someone for being how God made them? Cause that's firmly what *I* believe....they were born that way. It truly makes me want to hurl....and the most disgusting thing is, it's usually so-called Christians that feel this way.....in search of "WWJD," beating up/killing homosexuals is probably NOT something he'd do (do you capitalize the "h" in "he" when talking about Jesus or just God?). I am going to tape the rest, since I really want to go to sleep now.

Ian McKellen is on "SNL" tonight, so I will definitely be taping that.

Need water....need sleep...need peace.

I want to write more...have lots of my mind...but just too tired. It will be Monday night before I get a chance to really write anything more. Bummer.
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