Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

Cleaning for company

Today I was extremely busy trying to make my house look at least decent for company coming tonight. My friends from the internet, the goddesses Karinn & Liz, are coming to visit me.

It's really a cool story. A friend signed me up on a new website called "Six Degrees of Separation." I made a lot of new friends through this site, & eventually, last October, met 4 of them....Sam, Karinn, Roni, & Liz. What amazing women! We called it the Goddess Summit of Tucumcari (since that's where we met). Liz lives in Virginia, but is in school in Oklahoma (this woman is 19--I think--& is smart as a whip!!!), so for spring break, she flew to Arizona, where the sage Karinn lives, & then they drove here to LA to see me (& later to San Diego to see another 6D friend, Lisa).

I am the biggest slob you will ever meet. I am not "dirty," but I am very "messy." There IS a difference, ya know. I just don't ever feel like cleaning, & have a bad habit of not putting things back where they belong. Also, I have about twice as much stuff as I have space, being a huge pack rat. So I knew I had to at least straighten the place.

So I toiled hard all day. My friend Amy came over later in the day to help me put a new hammock swing together. It wasn't easy, cause the swing stand didn't come with directions, & neither did the swing itself. But Amy is a smart girl, so we got it done, & then I made dinner for her. She was still hanging out with me, helping me pick my new headshots, when Karinn & Liz arrived, around 10:30PM or so.

It was so good to see them! I hadn't seen Liz since October (Karinn was out a month or two ago), & it felt like not a single day had gone by. I feel a very strong connection to these women. I just love them! We socialized for a while, then hit the hay....they had been driving for a looooong time, & we wanted to get a fairly early start tomorrow.

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