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I was so upset & pissed off this morning, my eyes still burn a little from crying so much (I suspect that I bawled like I did out of stress & being tired, too).

I called the auto body shop to see if they were close to being done with the repairs to my truck. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Right. I spoke to someone who got my file, & found out that JUST today, my adjuster had approved the repairs. JUST today. Let's run down the timeline.

I dropped my truck off on the 11th. I called my personal adjuster on the 12th, & left a voice mail. He didn't get back to me until the 13th, at which time I gave him the auto body's phone number & complete address. Well, the adjuster who's in charge of going out & looking at the vehicle didn't get out there until the 16th. And he didn't approve the repairs until today, the 19th. I have rented a car from the 11th-20th FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. I have paid $30+ out of pocket for TEN DAYS for no reason. My truck just sat there for almost a full week. Unbelievable. Do I LOOK like I am made of money? Since I don't have a credit card, they take out $250 a pop from my checking account for the rental. The 11th, they took out $250. Today, they took out another $250. There went my rent. And apparently, I don't have the greatest rental coverage. I think it's only going to reimburse me $15/day up to a certain amount of days. Since I pay the rental coverage monthly, they ought to pay for the damn rental for however long it takes to repair the fucking truck. The insurance adjuster said it could take FIFTEEN DAYS to repair the truck. 15 days. So that's 15 more rental days in ADDITION to the wasteful 10 I have already paid for. Unbelievable. BUT...the body shop thinks it will take more like 5 days. Luckily for me, they had all the parts available, so they are getting them & beginning the repairs tomorrow. But..since the damn weekend is coming up, I won't get my truck back until probably mid-week next week...and that's being optimistic.

All this brings up many, many bitter, angry feelings. Read more

For one thing, it makes me hate the idiot who hit me even more. HOW COULD HE HAVE NOT SEEN A BIG WHITE TRUCK DRIVING DOWN THE FUCKING STREET? He is either a complete idiot or was drunk/on drugs...or both. I detest people who cause accidents. It's not like he was sick so his reaction time was slow. It's not like he was speeding or running a red light because his wife was giving birth in the back seat. He just wasn't paying attention. It is inexcusable to get behind the wheel of a 2 ton lethal weapon & not pay attention. Hell, I talk on the cellphone & still pay attention. To make matters worse---or make him a bigger asshole---he not ONCE apologized for causing the accident, or causing trouble for me, or anything. He wasn't remotely remorseful...except MAYBE for himself, since he knew his license (which is probably fake) would be taken away. People like this man are oxygen suckers & don't even deserve a place on this Earth. He serves no positive purpose. Of course, that's just my opinion.

It also makes me angry cause I feel so damn powerless to battle "the system." What in the hell? Taking 4 days to get out to see the truck? And then taking a few more to approve the work? No excuse. I said that to Bob, my adjuster, too...and he said, "Well, they've been really busy, with the rain storms & all the accidents." I don't give a shit. They can't keep clients sitting around & paying for a rental while they pitter about & let days pass before they get there. I pitched a serious hissy fit. I was even crying to Bob on the phone, which I HATE! I hate getting emotional & letting people hear it. Cause then I sound like an emotional female, & I hate that. But there's not a damn thing I can do. It seems like they wouldn't want me to have to rent a car for this long, since they do have to reimburse me, even though it's not the full amount. So...here's what Bob is doing to "make it up to me." He's settling my uninsured motorist medical claim, for the max amount. He's cutting me a check tomorrow for $1,000. I will have to pay a co-pay to the ER for around $50, I paid $10 for my follow up doc visit, & then the rest goes in my pocket. But haha, no it doesn't, it goes into Enterprise Rental's bank account. They have already taken out $500, & might have to take out an additional $250, so that's $750 total. At least it covers the rental. Whatever. It's better than nothing, that's for sure. I called Pacifica Hospital today, & my ER visit came to $702. For X-rays & Tylenol. Crazy.

I still need money....desperately. I don't know what to do about a part-time job. I think I could probably get some sort of retail job or burger joint kinda thing...but here's the deal. Starting this Sat., for 2 weeks, I am working 6 days a week at Knott's. Only 5 hours a day (except weekends, which are still 7), but over 6 days, it evens out to 34 hours. So I can't do anything until after Spring Break is completely over. And then, what about doing extra work? I am getting booked here & there, & I am paying them $60/mo. to book me. What would be the point in paying them if I couldn't work for them? And come mid-June, Knott's goes 5 days for the summer. So any job I got, I would only work it for about 2 1/2 months. That's lame.
But I need money so badly...I am willing to work...I just don't know what to do.

My friend, Chris, was here from Minnesota this weekend. He stayed over Sun. night & last night. It was an....ummm...interesting visit. I could tell from the moment he called me to say he was in town Fri. night, that he EXPECTED that he was getting some from me. I found that really irritating. I don't like anyone EXPECTING to fuck me. I mean, for one thing, I hadn't seen him in 10 friggin' years. Did he honestly think I was just going to say, "Hey, it's great to see you...now let's get to it?" He called me Friday night, wanting to come over, but I had Amy & Cheri over at my house. Cheri wanted me to have him over, but I didn't want to do that. Amy fell asleep on the couch, & Cheri & I stayed up giggling & watching porn that night. Saturday night, I had made plans for Chris to come over...and then, on the drive home from work, I decided I really wasn't in the mood to deal with him, so I told him I was tired (I honestly was), & could we hook up Sunday night instead. He was agreeable to that. So Sunday after work, Chris arrived at my house. I went outside to meet him, since we were going to go to dinner before it got too late. I think he looks better than he did back then...he's a really handsome guy. We jump in the car to go to Chevy's to eat, & just when I get on the freeway, my cellphone rings. I answer it, & it's Cheri. She was in my area, just passing my house, & she wanted to bring me a ticket to her showcase tomorrow night. She asked if I was home so she could bring it by, & I said I was on my way to Burbank to have dinner. She asked what part of Burbank, since she was already there, maybe she could just meet us there & drop off the ticket. I asked her where she was on the freeway, & she said she was just coming up on Scott Road. Well, I had just passed Scott Road! She was right behind me on the freeway! So I gave her directions to Chevy's, & had her meet me there. Somehow she made a wrong turn, & ended up in the other side of the parking garage. I was still talking to her on the phone, & I told her to honk her horn, so I could figure out where she was. She was somewhere in the garage, but I don't know where. I told her to go back out, & make the right turn. I saw her come around the corner, & I jumped out into the street, waving my arms. She parked, & asked if she was imposing upon Chris & I. We said absolutely not, & she was welcome to stay & have dinner with us. It wasn't a date, after all.

Anyway...Chris loved Cheri. Keep in mind that she is 18 & he's 33, but he was really taken with her. Infatuated. She was pretty charmed by him, but I found his manner annoying. For one thing, he is BEYOND confident. I mean, he really crosses that line between confidence & arrogance. He thinks he can do anything & everything. He breaks rules to suit himself, & I cannot STAND that kind of "me, me, me" type person (an example of this attitude is this: We went to Johnny Rocket's yesterday for lunch. There were no tables available. There was a line of people in front of us, waiting for a table. They were there before us. Suddenly, a table opened up, & before the busboy had even bussed the table, Chris went back & claimed that table...even though people were there before us. That irritated the shit out of me, & at first, I refused to sit down. I just don't do things like that to people. I was raised better than that, & I don't mind waiting in lieu of being a rude, thoughtless asshole. Luckily for him (& I told him so), the people who were there before us needed a table for 4, & the table Chris grabbed was only for 2.) It came up fairly soon into the conversation that Cheri had recently revealed herself as someone who is very bi-curious. Chris insisted she was just experimenting, & said, "You give me 2 minutes....2 minutes with me, & you will like men again." She had stated that with men, she'd only once had an orgasm from oral sex. He said he could change that. What arrogance! I was saying I didn't like intercourse, & he said he could change MY mind on THAT...in 2 minutes. He definitely wanted a shot with Cheri. Of course, what 33 year old man wouldn't want to hook up with a hot, sexy, open-minded 18 year old? We must have sat & talked, the 3 of us, for 2-3 hours (I got 2 sombreros for my "Three Amigos" spoof!!!). Chris made it clear that he wanted the 3 of us to have a menge a trois. He was totally turned on, which creeped me out just a bit. I cannot put my finger on it, but I was just getting a weird vibe from him. I do not like cockiness, for one thing. I don't remember him being that cocky at 22. What a difference 10 years has made! I mean, yes, he IS good looking. He's got a wonderful body. But....I don't care. If you are hot, you shouldn't act like you KNOW you're hot. Anyway...Cheri is easily pursuaded. She is one of those people who is really sexual, & very free. That doesn't mean that she sleeps around. She's just very open minded, & easy to turn on. So we walk Cheri to her car. He leans in & whispers something to her, & then starts kissing her neck...and then kissing her. And it was not as if she was resistant. Meanwhile, no fooling, I am just standing there like a bump on a log, watching this, thinking, "ooo...free live porn!" How irritating. When they finally broke away from each other, I was standing there literally picking my nose, just to be funny. I told Chris we needed to go, & he starts kissing her again. I finally said, "Should I just go lay down in the car & take a nap while you two get it on?" I was really uncomfortable. How odd. So we made plans to have Cheri come over to my house after her rehearsal last night. There was no definitive talk of a 3-way, only in Chris' mind. Cheri & I kinda thought we'd just be hanging out, since we were having fun talking, & MAYBE Cheri & Chris would hook up....MAYBE we WOULD have a 3-way...but knowing me, I doubt it. Chris & I were going to spend the day in Hollywood, & then go our separate ways for a while, & then Chris would come over to my place, & Cheri would come over, after rehearsal. Cheri drove home, & Chris & I went back to my place. I set him up on the couch, making it clear he wasn't sleeping with me. Cheri called, freaking out, saying she almost didn't make it home, & wanted to know what I thought about everything. I was in my room with the door shut & locked, & when Chris heard me on the phone & figured out it was Cheri, he first tried to just walk into my room (without knocking, & I could have been naked), but found the door locked, & then wanted to come in....I know he listened at the door for a while, so I talked to Cheri under my thick covers. Ick.

Anyway....Chris & I woke up around 9AM or so. We pittered around the house for a while, finally getting out around 11AM, & we took the Metro Rail into Hollywood. We went to Hollywood & Highland shopping center. Somewhere around this time, I noticed a cold sore on Chris' upper lip. Ick. Now, I understand that a cold sore isn't necessarily sexually related...lots of people get the non-sexual form of herpes cold sores on their lips, stress related. But still. I know for sure that you can't be kissing anyone when you have an outbreak. Does anyone know if Cheri could get herpes from kissing him the night BEFORE a breakout? He did NOT have the cold sore when she kissed him...it came out in his sleep (fast little boogers). Can she get it? I am thinking it's only contagious when there's an outbreak. Anyway....I bring it up, in my ever-so-thoughtful way, trying to make a joke out of it. I said, "Hey, nice herpes on your lip." He laughed.
But I pressed on...."so...is that a cold sore?" He said it was, he had been seriously stressing on Friday, so it finally appeared. I mentioned how you can't perform oral sex on someone when you have an outbreak of herpes, or you can transfer it, so you'd have to use saran wrap (don't laugh...I've seen it in a video for safe oral sex). And his response (what a shock) was, "Do you have saran wrap?" I also mentioned how you can't kiss anybody, either. He says, "I thought it was just lip to lip contact," & I explained it was, & you can't have any when you have an outbreak. You can't take that kind of chance. Anyway, we ate at Johnny Rockets, took some really good tourist photos of him, got some sunglasses, etc. We had a good time shopping & walking around Hollywood. We went into Sephora, & I walked up to a guy working in there, & said in reference to Chris, "Can you make him pretty?" And the guy said, "Oh, honey, he's already pretty. I mean, not pretty, handsome...YOU are pretty." He then got Chris some lotion samples (he asked for some), & he gave me some perfume samples, & we talked about the cute boys in Italy (where he has a home & goes for one month a year...I asked if I could go with him!). While looking at the sunglasses, Chris was flirting with some college age girls from Chicago. He has no shame. And he is just so used to being flirted with back, because he is handsome. Anyway, I got a great dress for the Knott's safety film I am filming, 50% off at foreplay (a kinda kinky store in Hollywood). While in there, the salesgirl hit on me. I had to use a dressing room that didn't have a mirror inside it. I said, "So I have to come outside & show everyone myself in this dress?" And she said, "I WANT you to come out here & show me you in that dress." She complimented me on my braids, cause she had her hair styled the same way. She was talking to a friend of hers in the store, a guy, & she said to him, "I'll call you." Jokingly, I said, "Will you call me, too?" And in all seriousness & hopefulness, she said, "Can I?" I nervously giggled & took the dress to the counter to pay. I mean, she was pretty (& foreign, like German or something), but I'm really not into chicks. It was the first time all day that someone hit on me & not Chris. Even walking down Hollywood Blvd, people were checking him out. Chris bought a cute little sexy outfit for Cheri, but geez, I paid for most of it. It was on clearance for $10, but he only had $4...so I "lent" him the rest...and never got re-paid. He gave it to Cheri later as a gift from him, & when Cheri & I were alone, I told her that I actually paid for most of it. What a mooch he is. Anyway, I spent an hour or more in my fave wig shop, trying on new wigs. I needed to get one for the film shoot, & I got a few extras, really cheap. Then we went into a sex shop next store. Cheri wanted some girl on girl porn, & since I don't have any, I decided to pick up some for her, on sale. Chris kept trying to veto the all girl stuff, & I was like, "Ummm...who's paying for this? I don't think you get a vote." I got 2 sale videos, & while I was paying Cheri called. She had gotten us permission to come watch their showcase rehearsal that night, at the Celebrity Theatre. It ended up only being about 4 blocks away, so we just walked, since we needed to be there in less than an hour. The Celebrity Theatre ended up being the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre. I had just been there for an acting seminar the week before. Chris & I sat down & waited for Cheri to get there. She didn't even get there for 2 more hours (she was getting a hair weave, & it took longer than expected), but we got to see lots of incredibly talented up-and-comers. One was named Crea, & she was very similar to India.Arie. I liked her a lot, & talked to her a while...she was really nice. I hope she makes it. There were some great acts....a large group of Japanese dancers doing hip hop to a Michael Jackson song...a Black guy doing an amazing popping dance number. I was glad we went. Chris was positively drooling over this one "hot" Japanese dancer. I mean, he was trying to take pictures of her. Chris is the horninest person I have ever met. I asked him what time he needed to leave for the airport. He said he had to drop the rental off at the Burbank Airport, but that he was flying out of LAX. I asked him how he was getting from Burbank Airport to LAX, & he gave me this sideways puppy dog eyes look, & said, "Relying on a friend?" HELLO?!?!? Waiting til the night before to even ask me? Forget it! I had JUST told him earlier that day that I avoid LAX like the plague. Call me a bad friend, but I honestly would not give my best friend a ride to LAX. Any other airport, sure. LAX? Hell no. I had a horrible car accident there, & I will never go there (driving a car) again. I made up some story that I had a doctor's appointment early in the morning, so poor guy...he actually had to call Hertz & make other arrangements. They said he could drop it off at LAX instead, for $50. He set it up...but said he was sure he could get out of the $50. Especially if the clerk was female. Ick. Finally, Cheri's group (a 4 some of girls) went on, around 10-10:30. I was disappointed with her group. I think Cheri's talent far exceeds the rest of her group. They just seemed kinda unprepared, & afterwards, Cheri was really upset & disappointed. She also had a really bad headache from her hair being sewn on for 4+ hours. But she drove us to the NoHo Metro-Rail station to get Chris' rental car. I told Chris I would ride home with Cheri instead of him, using the excuse that Cheri would be more likely to get lost than he would. He pouted a bit, but we went along our way. On the trip home, I told her about the cold sore. She was really disgusted. I explained that he can't help it, people get them all the time, but she started freaking out, cause she had kissed him the night before. She asked what the point of hooking up with him would be, since kissing was her fave part of things, & what turns her on the most. I told her that *I'd* kiss her, & he can do whatever else. We laughed about that. I told her that Chris's cocky attitude had been bugging the shit out of me all day, & she said, "He's bugging me, & I just saw him for a few minutes!" We stopped at the grocery store, cause my ulcer was KILLING me. I hadn't eaten since noon, & I was in a lot of pain. I wanted to make a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, & had no bread. Chris was confused, but we told him we were just running in real fast to grab some bread & milk. He said he'd wait outside. Meanwhile, Cheri & I were talking about Chris again, & she was saying there was NO way she would be with him tonight, given everything, & I see Chris walking up behind her. So I immediately switched subjects to make it seem like we were talking about something else entirely, & whispered a warning to her that he was right behind us. We started laughing, & Chris wanted to know what was so funny. So I made something up. He was buying a bottle of water...and mooch that he is, gets in line with me & gives me some change to pay for his water for him (this was AFTER I "lent" him a dollar to buy a water at the theatre...yeah, I never saw that dollar again, either). By this time, I was seriously ill, having sharp stabbing pains in my stomach, & Cheri had an awful headache. Chris had one, too, & we were all tired. Of course, a headache & being tired didn't damper Chris' horniness at all. Cheri said she needed to take a long shower, so she went in the bathroom to do that. Every time she could get me alone, she would whisper frantically that she didn't want him to touch her, that he kept trying to kiss her with his herpes encrusted lips, & how were we going to get out of this? :-) She's really funny. Chris got into his pjs, & I made a sandwich. We were laying on the couch (opposite sides, thanks), & he said, "Are we getting in the jacuzzi tonight?" We had discussed doing that, but for one thing, we got the water tested yesterday, & they said I needed to add some Spa UP, cause the pH level was low. We had never gotten a chance to add the chemical...not to mention the air outside was FREEZING, & Cheri had a sore throat & has to sing tomorrow night. Sitting in hot water in cold air is unhealthy. He's still thinking he's getting lucky. I can't tell you how many times Cheri & I BOTH stated we felt awful. And he didn't give a crap about that, he just wanted to get laid! So, after a LOOONG time, Cheri finally emerges from the shower, & she whispers to me that she wants us to just run into my room, lock Chris out, & watch porn. I explain that we can't do that, it would be really rude. So she tells him we still don't feel well, & we aren't going to do anything, but if he wants to just lay on the bed & watch the movies with us, that's fine. I am not sure he heard that or not, cause after a few minutes, he comes into the doorway, looking all hurt, & asks what's going on. Cheri repeats what she just told him & he says, "I didn't think that was an invite." So the 3 of us pile into my king sized waterbed to watch my new porn, & put on one with guys in it so Chris wouldn't further pout (it's not that he wants to see guys, but he wanted US to see sex with a man, to give us ideas, see?). I made Cheri lay in the middle, cause I didn't want to lay next to Chris, & she practically laid on top of me, to try to be further from him. Of course, he didn't pick up on that hint, & laid practically on top of her, so it was if the 3 of us were taking up just half the bed. Heh. Far from being remotely turned on, I just kept making smart-ass remarks about the porn. "Those tits are SO fake." "Ewww....oh yeah, makes sure she gets every last drop of your man juice, cause we all know how delicious it is." "Oh, yeah, you know that moaning is fake...only 20% of the female population has vaginal sensitivity." Cheri would laugh at everything, we were having a great time making funny comments, but Chris was getting irritated. He thinks I have problems cause I don't like sex, don't like giving head, & don't like sperm (perhaps I do...who cares?). He got really snippy at me when I commented on this one guy's ball sac. It was all flopsy....and Chris got defensive & said I didn't know anything about ball sacs. I said, "And exactly how many have YOU seen?" He snapped back, "I OWN one." I said, "Yes, but how many times have you seen it from behind, & how many men's ball sacs do you think I've seen up close in comparison to you?" He said, "Listen...would you just be quite for a minute & listen to me? When it's cold in the room, the ball sac will look tighter & more firm. When it's hot & it gets heated up, the ball sac will loosen up & look floppy like that." I said, "Oh yeah? So in this orgy scene, what do you suppose the temperature is in this room, since THIS guy has a firm ball sac, & that one's is limp & loose? They are in the same room." So he says, "Well, maybe one guy is hot & the other hasn't gotten warmed up yet." Whatever. We all knew he was full of shit. But it was an interesting conversation. So....Chris kept trying to caress Cheri, & every time he would, she'd pinch me under the sheets. Finally, she flips over to lay on her stomach & hide her face in the pillow. Chris starts caressing her under the sheets, & then starts kissing the back of her neck. This is all right next to me, & he kept watching me for my reaction, which creeped me out. I just ignored it, & acted like I didn't notice what was going on. It creeped me out to think of him dragging his herpes lips across her neck & back, & I know it was creeping her out. But remember what I said about Cheri...despite everything, what he was doing WAS turning her on. I could feel her start to gyrate with pleasure, cause, for Heaven's sake, it's a friggin's full wavy waterbed. It finally started to bug me enough that I said, "OK, kids....I don't feel good, I have to be up early, it's 1:30AM, I gotta go to bed. If you want to fool around, you're gonna have to go in the other room." Totally game, Chris got up & asked me if I had any blankets (he wanted to set up a "bed" on the floor of the living room). I said, "Yeah, the 3 you used last night." And he says, "Oh, I didn't know if you had more, or what." Does a single person usually have more than 3 spare blankets? Hmmm. Anyway, he whispered something "sexy" in Cheri's ear, inviting her into the other room with him. Now that I think about it, I wonder what he was thinking...did he bring condoms with him from Minnesota? Did he think he was going to have sex with me and/or this 18 year old without one (that's how he got to be the father of a 5 year old)??? Ew. He stands in the doorway for a while to see if she was coming with him. Finally, he moves away from the door. So Cheri brings her head up & fervently whispers that she doesn't want to go out there, but unfortunately, he DID get her excited. I dryly said, "Yes, I noticed." She said, "He was turning me on, & then I'd think about who it was, & get disgusted." Heh. So she tries to convince me to just shut & lock the door again. I tell her she must go out & talk to him, & tell him that she doesn't feel well & is just going to bed. She just couldn't bring herself to do it. I understand, cause she would have to deal with all his pathetic pleas & attempts to seduce. Ick. We argued for about 15 minutes about who was going to go out there & explain something, cause she didn't want to go, & I refused to. I told her, "He doesn't want me, he wants you, so YOU have to explain." I told her to go to the kitchen & get some Tylenol, & then on the way back from the kitched, to stop & tell him her head hurts, & she just wants to go to bed. I said, "Even if it's not true, stroke his ego a bit, tell him how much you wish things were different, but you just don't feel well....sorry." We were laying there loudly (intentionally) arguing over who was going to go get her aspirin, when Chris comes to the door. He wanted to know what was going on. I said that we were arguing over who was going to get Cheri some aspirin, cause my stomach hurt too much to get up, & she was complaining that her head hurt too much to get up. He started pouting that we didn't even ask him to help. Cheri said she didn't want to trouble him. So he goes to get some aspirin for her, & calls her out to the living room to get it. I knew he wouldn't bring it to her...he was determined to get her alone. So she reluctantly goes out there. He handed her his water bottle to take the aspirin with, & JUST as her lips barely touched the bottle mouth, she remembered the herpes. Can she get it THAT way?? I don't think so...but I don't know. Seems like the virus couldn't live on a bottle mouth. She kinda jerked the bottle away from her mouth & said she'd just wait to take them. I swear, he was out there working the hard sell for about 15 minutes. She said he was trying to seduce her, he'd try to pull her into his arms, & kiss her neck, etc. She finally told him she just needed to get to sleep, that she was trying to be a responsible college student, cause she had class the next day, early. So he told her he just wanted to come into my room, & just sleep with us, but he wouldn't try anything. Riiiiiiiiight. Puleeze. So she comes running into the room to tell me that, & I whispered to her to tell him I was already asleep, & she didn't want to disturb me. So she went out to tell him that. He tried to hug her again, & she pulled away, & came in the room, shut the door, & locked it behind her. Then we turned on the porn, with no sound. Heh. I took off my glasses & pretty much went to sleep (I can't see the TV without my glasses on, & like I said, I just wasn't in the mood). We giggled a lot, though, about the whole situation, & we were worried he could hear us (there is a vent that goes directly from my room to the living room). If she spends the night after her showcase tomorrow night, we are going to watch the all-girl video, cause I got a really funny one. It's called "Thespian Lesbians....4 hours of Drama Queens." Since we are both performers, I thought it was really funny. I am not quite sure what her obsession with porn is...it really doesn't turn me on unless I am watching it with a guy I am really attracted to.

Anywho...we woke up around 7:45AM this morning, & we were all supposed to leave at 8AM...Chris to the airport, me to my "doctor's appointment," & Cheri to school. Chris was in the bathroom, about to take a shower, when we came out of the room. He so kindly said we were welcome to come in & use the bathroom or the shower while he was showering. Ick. Cheri decided to leave while he was in the shower (heck, last night, she wanted to drive off & lose him when he was following us to my house in his car!), so she just popped her head in to say goodbye to him while he was showering, & I was peeing (I REALLY had to go, & he takes long showers). He was NOT happy that she was leaving before he could give her a proper goodbye (read: molest her). I could tell he was irritated & disappointed. Oh well...Cheri made a run for it. Leaving me alone with him. **sigh** Thankfully, he figured out pretty early on that he wasn't getting any from me. I put my shoes on, put my hat on, made it look like I was really leaving & waiting on him. He says, "So....Cheri didn't want to get close because of the cold sore." Get close. Ha. I said, "How do you know that's what it was?" AS IF that is not a good enough reason. If you can transfer the herpes by eating a girl out, & can transfer it by kissing her...what is there really left to do? That's any fun, anyway...even during sex, even when it's casual, you still like to kiss a little. What did he think was realistic? To expect her to say, "Oh, to hell with your cold sore, let's get it on anyway...you're so hot, I'll take my chance?" Come on! If you have a cold sore, you shouldn't WANT to subject anyone to it. Chris asked to share my vanilla coke at lunch yesterday (mooch), & I vetoed that idea pretty fast! He said that he could just tell. I said, "Well, that might be part of it, but I honestly think she didn't feel well. And I think she's like me...when I don't feel well, I am not in the mood to fool around. Besides, even you said you wanted things to start early, since we all had to be up early, and we didn't even get home until around 11PM." He agreed. I am sure he was very disappointed that things didn't turn out the way he'd planned...I mean, after all, he thought he was getting two cute babes...one blonde former lover, & one hot 18 year old brunette. And he basically got nothing. (It made me laugh when I mentioned Sunday night how I remembered him being a "marathon man," & he said, "I have endurance, yes," as if that was a good thing. I made it clear I didn't agree, that I didn't like guys with "endurance.") Oh well...there's always his fantasies. I gave him a hug, watched him drive away...and went inside & went back to sleep til noon. :-) I don't like lying...but doggone it, he drove me to it.

It was any interesting weekend....and I am too tired to think of anything else.

Crap...I keep forgetting I have to do my taxes....with what money? They usually charge around $150, & I just don't have it. **sigh**

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