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My tummy hurts. What did I eat yesterday? Can't be what I ate today...since that was only oatmeal. Hmmm...my stomach is so delicate in my old age. The ulcer doesn't help. I am glad I am seeing the doctor tomorrow, cause it's been painful lately. I think he needs to do some tests to see how bad things are. It might be a lot worse than we think.

Amy & I are going to see Cheri perform in her showcase tonight. Erin might go, too, she's still trying to decide. I think she really wants to go, but she is supposed to get some medical work done for her yearly physical. She probably won't end up going.

I placed an order online a month ago for some camera accessories, & still haven't received anything. I just checked my order status online, & there was none. I called the customer service department, & they couldn't find anything either, so they said they would call me back. Hmmmm.....that doesn't make me too happy. Update: they just called, the order never got sent, perhaps because one part of the three pack was out of stock. So they are sending it now. **sigh** Thanks for keeping me updated. Whatever. The way some companies run shock me.

I got my USA Olympics beret today. It's really cute. I'd like to wear it, but it's Spring now & warming up...I may not get to wear it until next winter.

I am gonna wear one of my new wigs tonight. It's not one I ever would have picked out from the shelf, but Ellen, the owner, thought it would be cute on me, so I tried it on. It was really cute, but it's certainly different. It almost looks like hair that someone of a different ethnicity would wear...but it's cute. Dark brown. The wig ladies were all excited because they said I looked good in every color wig I tried on. Blonde, platinum blonde, black, red, reddish brown, brown, blue, green, pink (yes, I tried on blue, green, & pink wigs). It's true....not bragging, just being honest. I have one of those faces & complexions where I can get away with everything/anything. I can wear bubblegum pink lipstick, bright red lipstick, brown toned lipsticks, any color eyeshadow....I am just "lucky" like that (as if any of that really matters). I definitely look best in blonde & red hair. Red is actually really good on me...if I wasn't a blonde, I'd be a redhead. Brown is okay. Black is really cool cause it accents my blue eyes a lot, but I am so pale, I look just a bit vampire-ish. At least, that's what my mom used to say when I wore a black wig. It's certainly a nice contrast to my real hair, though. The ladies thought my real hair was too pretty to cover, but I just like a temporary change sometimes...cause I'd never cut my hair. Shoot, I just cut over 3 inches off, & I am still having a hard time dealing with THAT, & it was well over a week ago. :-) I love wigs.

I am surprised to see how nervous some people are about the LJ Bash. I am not remotely nervous. But that could also be because I don't know anyone that well yet. I guess there's not as much on the line for me. Of course, I DO have that thought in the back of my head that maybe no one will like me. That those who have me on their friends list now will drop me when they get back from LA this weekend..."she wasn't as cool as I thought." I yam what I yam. But I don't "party" & I don't drink alcohol or smoke weed or anything like that, so it sounds like I might not fit in so well. Me is all I have to offer. Either people like me or they don't. When things start getting too crazy (ie: people start getting drunk, etc.), I will just make my goodbyes. It's all good. I just hope that everyone has as much fun as they are hoping to. I hope it's a great time for everyone, & that no one gets TOO sick or TOO crazy. I want everyone to have a great time...and if I make some new friends, ALL THE BETTER! New friends are great! :-) You can never have enough. And I can't wait to meet some of the people I have "met" online recently! Wooo-hooo!

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