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Ticked, ticked, ticked.....

Went to go see Cheri perform in Hollywood tonight. I was going to take the Metro Rail into Hollywood, & called Cheri to see if she'd give me a ride back to the NoHo station after her show. She said she would, & asked me to bring her those bathing suits. Amy met me at the Hollywood/Vine Metro Rail station. She looked straight at me & didn't recognize me, because of my wig. She said I looked completely different. It's such a cute wig! Maybe I'll post a pic someday....I'm sure you'll all be waiting eagerly for that.

We walked the 4-5 blocks to the theatre. We finally got there & sat down right in the front row (since I'm short, I hate people sitting in front of me). I went back & found Jaylen, who didn't recognize me either. I had to completely remind him who I was. The show finally started, & Cheri's group was up pretty quick, like the 3rd act or so.
We kept waiting for Cheri to come out, but only saw one girl from her group...and never Cheri. I called her phone during intermission & told her we were sitting in the front row, smack dab in the middle.

The show ended around 10:30ish....& Cheri was no where to be found. I checked my phone, & there was a message from her, saying her mom needed to get home, & she couldn't find me anywhere, so she was going to have to leave without me. Huh? She didn't even come look for us. I told her exactly where we were. Granted, *I* looked different, but Amy looked the same she always looks.

The last Metro Rail train back to NoHo is around 11PM. Here it was, 10:30, & we were at least a 15 minute walk from the station. I had also only bought a one way ticket, since Cheri said she'd take me home. On top of that, I had lugged around this bag of bathing suits all through Hollywood.

Amy rode with me to the Hollywood/Highland station, but then I had to go two more stations on my own. OK, I am a big scaredy cat. I am a fairly attractive, young girl dressed nicely, riding the Metro Rail alone at 11PM....through Hollywood. Scary.

But I did it, & I live to talk about it.

If Amy hadn't been with me, & I had had to WALK through Hollywood by myself...I think I would have cried. Actually, I would have begged a complete stranger, even a Scientologist, at the showcase to give me a ride home, or at least, to the station. I wouldn't have walked alone. I'm not stupid.

Ooooooo....was I ticked with Cheri. How dare she! I bring bathing suits for her, we went to see HER, & she leaves---without me, after promising me a ride---after her group performs. Ew! That makes me so mad! I left her a message telling her I missed the last train, & I said, "I hope you sleep well tonight, while I sleep on the streets of Hollywood. If I am murdered, I love you."


Love Cheri, but she can be such a flake.

My back hurts!

Crea was great again tonight. The MC (a really funny comedian) said that she was originally from Alabama, & asked if anyone in the audience was from Alabama. I screamed really loudly, sure that others would, too....and it turned out I was alone in my screaming...so of course, I completely stood out. Everyone turned & looked at me & laughed. The story of my life. I talked to Crea later, & she is from my town, Birmingham. I told her to call me when she has a CD come out, cause I wanted to support a "hometown girl." :-)

The comedian....he was Black. The audience was predominantly Black. And he told this joke (he's from NY): Man I got out here & all the street signs are in Mexican. What's with this one street, La See a Nigga? I think they be needin' to change that street name." Of course, it's actually La Cienaga, but it's kinda pronounced "la see a nigga"...kinda. But everyone thought it was really funny.

Toby's barking...he wants to come inside. I have a doctor's appointment about my ulcer at 11am, so I am headed to bed. Peace out.

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