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Big long survey thingy....

Physical appearance --

1. What do you most like about your body?

my blue eyes, my long blonde hair, & my great smile

2. And least?

my too big boobies, my chubby belly, my flabby arms, my fat stubby legs

3. How many fillings do you have?

ohmigoodness....too many crowns & fillings to count

4. Do you think you're good looking?
Um....I think I'm "cute"..."pretty" on a really good day, but I think my body leaves a LOT to be desired

5. Do other people often tell you that you're good-looking?
believe it or not, yes...but usually "cute" or "pretty" as opposed to "good looking"

6. Do you look like any celebrities?

I've heard Madonna (in her early years), Marilyn Monroe, Melissa Gilbert (huh?), Tatum O'Neal, Grace Kelly, etc.

-- Fashion --

1. Do you wear a watch?
Dear god, I'd die without one!

2. How many coats and jackets do you own?
too many to count

3. Favorite pants/skirt color?

I like to wear black on bottom or top & turquoise, red, or pink on top

4. Most expensive item of clothing?
hmmmm....I don't spend much on clothes. I have a pair of high heels that I spent just over a $100 on (SO worth it!)

5. What kind of shoes do you wear?
thin heeled boots, tennis shoes, uggs, sandals, heels, etc.

6. Describe your style in one word.

-- Your Friends --

1. Do your friends 'know' you?
Since I am so upfront, I'd say they know me as well as the want to know me.

2. What do they tend to be like?
funny & intelligent

3. Are there traits in you that are universally liked?
my sense of humor, my intelligence, my desire to help others, etc.

4. How many people do you tell everything to?
I'm pretty much an open book....but there is one secret I have only ever told 4 people in my life...and there's other stuff that I think one friend would handle & another might not.

5. How many people tell you everything?
just about everyone...I am trustworthy & a good listener

-- Music/TV/Film/Books --

1. Favorite band ever?
The Newboys, Duran Duran, Bon Jovi, *N Sync, Go-Gos, etc....I can't possibly name just one.

2. Most listened to bands:
Again...can't possibly think of them all...currently, Creed, Staind, Nickelback, *N Sync, etc.

3. Do you find any musicians good-looking?
Jon Bon Jovi, Harry Connick Jr., Mark McGrath, the lead singer of Creed, all the members of *N Sync, John Taylor, Duncan Sheik, Adam Ant, Sting, Bono, Evan & Jaron, etc....come on, we all know the more handsome the singer, the more popular the band/singer

4. Can you play an instrument?
If you consider the vocal cords an instrument....and I can "plink" the piano

5. Type of music most listened to?
Rock, classic rock, classical, pop, R&B, new age (LOVE Enya & Enigma), oldies, a little bit of country (such as Dixie Chicks), and showtunes

6. Type never listened to?
Heavy metal, rap, punk

7. Favorite book?
Goodness, too many...but some faves are "Last Act" & "Remember Me" by Christopher Pike, & "Flowers in the Attic" by VC Andrews

-- Underwear --

1. Ladies, do you like to wear thongs?

2. If so why?
My friend's aunt makes them by hand & they are REALLY comfy, you don't feel like you have floss up your crack...and who wants to see panty lines?

3. Boxers or Briefs?
I like boxer briefs....but between boxers & briefs I definitely gotta go with boxers.

4. What is the nicest colour for underwear?
Well, all my thongs are really wild...like dogs or cats, or smiley faces, or four leaf clovers, or jelly beans, or dancing frogs, etc., so they are all really colorful...but in my "big girl panties" (for a visit from Aunt Flo), I wear black Jockey For Her string bikinis.

5. Do you find it uncomfortable without a bra?
HELL YES! If it's cold, & I go without a bra, I get chapped nipples...let me tell you, that doesn't feel good! Boobies WAY too big to go free boobin...

6. Do you make it a habit of showing people your underwear?
Actually, my thongs are so cute, yes, I usually unzip my fly to show them off...but just the front, not the non-existent back.

-- Religion --

1. Do you detest religion?
No..but I get annoyed by some organized religions.

2. How do you think this universe was formed (explain in detail)?
Haven't a clue, & frankly....don't care.

3. If you currently follow a religion, do you think people who belong to another religion are ignorant?
I don't and I don't.

4. If you were in a hostage situation, and you were given a choice, to either praise the demon they follow or die, what would you choose?
It depends. If I praised their demon (falsely, of course), would I get to walk away alive, or would I just get to remain alive but still kept as a hostage?? If I got to walk away alive (was set free), then yes, I'd probably (falsely) worship their demon. If they kept me alive but still as a hostage, then I would just prefer to die. People act like dying is so awful...

Homosexuality --

1. What is the first thing you think when you see two gay guys or lesbians holding hands?
I don't think of anything...it doesn't faze me.

2. Do you detest homosexuality?
Don't be ridiculous....perhaps I have even "dabbled"....maybe, maybe not....heh-heh...

3. Do you agree or disagree with gay or lesbian couples bringing up children?
Absolutely not. For one thing, while selfish people spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to have fertility treatments, there are thousands of unwanted kids. I am all for ANYONE adopting unwanted kids, gay or straight. I think gay couples make just as good of parents as straight people, sometimes better....I just want to see someone of the opposite sex be an influence in the children's lives...same as with a single (straight) parent.

-- General Questions --

1. Whom do you believe is the smartest man alive at the moment?
Tom Brockaw. I dunno. Jay Leno. David Duchovny. Honestly, I don't know. But behind every smart man, is a smart woman.

2. What do you prefer, a sunny or rainy day?
Sunny, but not too hot.

3. Do you consider yourself lucky?
Blessed in many aspects, yes....lucky, not so much.

4. Do you feel pity for people who commit suicide?
Ummm...that's a tough one. I have contemplated suicide, and what prevented me from following through is my love & consideration for my family & friends, who would be left behind to feel eternally guilty & just awful...and I couldn't do that to anyone. So I feel anger for anyone who does not consider the feelings of others...who feel it's "all about them." That's sad to me. It's also sad that anyone would ever feel the need to kill themself.

5. Choose one word to describe how you feel most often.
lately: stressed....in general: hopeful

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