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How can anyone screw up this badly?

I happened to be at the Burbank Media Center Mall today, so I decided to drop into Sears to see if my prescription sunglasses & contacts had come in (they were supposed to call me). The contacts had just come in this morning, so everything was ready. She had me try the glasses on....and the second I put them on, I couldn't see! It was crazy! I closed my left eye, & I could see fine out of the right lense. I closed my right eye...and couldn't see jack. The left lense had ZERO prescription. Nada. Nothing. Inbelievable. I paid $200 for these glasses, & have already waited 2+ weeks. I am driving around on days I wear my glasses with no eye protection, squinting. It's awful. 2 weeks I've waiting...no telling how much longer I will have to wait now. How can they have made such a HUGE mistake???? Sheesh....

I finally just bought a $3 clip on plastic sunglasses thingy, that you just slide behind your glasses...and let me tell you how hip I look wearing those! (That's sarcasm for anyone who didn't pick up on that.)

I am tired today...stayed up too late last night. I just wasn't sleepy last night.

Victoria's Secret is selling perfume of the Love Spell scent finally. Any women reading this...if you have NOT tried Love Spell yet, I would strongly suggest you do so. I get compliments almost every time I wear it, & people stopping me to ask me what it is. Yum. They also had a new body splash scent, Passionate Kisses. Their body splashes are the bomb.

Watching last night's "Survivor." Still can't believe they voted off Hunter last week. Idiots.

Well, it seems like people are already having a great time at the LJ Bash. I kinda wish I had stayed at the hotel today through Sunday, but that would be foolish...given that I live in LA. I don't have that kind of money, & Sat/Sun, I'd be at work all day, anyway. I kinda wanted to go tomorrow night to the first night of official activities....but I think I will not. I am just going to take a few girlfriends on Sat. night...just in case no one from LJ likes me at all! :-)
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