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I just got home from the LJ Bash. Whew! Some crazy peeps out there in LJ land! Crazy, but mostly great.

Can I just say I adored giddycam, adrienned, vixyash, crazy23, lizvang, missprincess, quenya, crankyangel, etc?????
I enjoyed meeting everyone! It was so great! I boogied down all night, had a blast....I got kissed by adrienned, how lucky can I get? crazy23 is just absolutely adorable! I didn't know giddycam at all before this night, but she's going on the friend's list now! :-)

Maybe more details tomorrow....I am really tired now. I should have gone back to Adrienne's room at the hotel, but I KNOW I would have gotten into ALL kinds of trouble if I had done that.

Thanks to jenont & robont for putting everything together (& anyone else involved).

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