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Geez....what a crazy day.

Started out fine, I guess.

Woke up fairly early....had lunch/brunch with Garry Marshall. He told me that my time will come, but I am "untrained." I explained that when it comes down to choosing between paying rent & paying for acting classes, I am forced to choose to keep a roof over my head! I would LOVE to take acting classes. I would LOVE that. I want to take at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. But they charge $800 for the first payment, & then it's $300/mo. after that (but trust me, they are a GREAT acting school & that fee is well worth it). Garry had heard of the school & the founder, & said he'd consider helping me with the cost. He's such a great man. I wish I could afford vocal lessons, too....I'd love to strengthen my break. I also would love to take dance classes...but everything costs money. He also said I needed to lose some weight....well, DUH! But there again....trainers cost money. Gyms cost money. I'd love to do something active that's fun, like ice hockey lessons, Krav Maga, Pilates, etc...but that all costs money. A dietitian costs money. Even eating healthier food costs more than eating crap. It's all about the almighty $$$. Crap.

But it was a nice lunch. He doesn't say any of that to hurt me...he's always been honest with me, & I appreciate that. He told me to bone up on my Boston accent, since there's a role in his son's movie I might be able to play. Boston accent? What in the heck is that? And other than Southern & British, I am NOT really good with accents. And I just have no clue what a Boston one is, anyway. And knowing my luck, I'd work really hard to get a Boston accent---whatever it is---(Garry said it was like "pakh the cah" for "park the car")& then not get the role. He's got a few possible movies coming up...maybe there will be something for me.

Anyway....I left Garry & went to the NoHo Metro Rail station. I caught the Metro to Hollywood/Highland. I just wanted to exchange a pair of sunglasses I bought there that broke (they were out of the ones I wanted...so I need to go back next Friday), & get one thing of Nars eyeshadow at Sephora, but ended up spending craploads more money than I wanted/needed to. Shit. Oh well. I got some kickass t-shirts at Hot Topic, including one that was considerably marked down cause it had a little hole in the neck...which I can sew up easily. It's an Alice in Wonderland tee....gotta have that, ya know! It's a bit big on me. I like fitted baby tees...and this is loose...but oh well. I also got a cute (but again, too big...it's an extra large, but I would say it's equivalent to a medium or large in regular shirts) Chesire Cat shirt that says, "Welcome to Wonderland," & a really cute black White Rabbit shirt. Had to get them. I also got some bitchen (yes, I actually used the word bitchen, so kiss my ass) star rings, with rhinestones on them. Very cool. I also got this very ME t-shirt, but it's HUGE. It's a man's "small," but it's just huge on me. It's an army fatigues camaflouge shirt, & it says, "HA! Now you can't see me!"
I just thought that was very me. I saw another shirt that I SHOULD get, since it's also VERY me: "I live in my own little world...but it's okay, they know me here." Everyone is always saying how I live in my own little "Disney World." I suppose I do. Hot Topic has some GREAT t-shirt sayings. I saw one that DEFINITELY reminded me of shebear: "Tact is something people use when they aren't witty enough to be sarcastic." Something like that. She's the Queen of Sarcasm. I saw another I liked for me: "I see dumb people." I think the majority of people I come into contact with (not my friends, but strangers) are pretty damn dumb. That's why I like my Scar t-shirt (from "Lion King" that says on the back, "I'm surrounded by idiots."

Then I went to Sephora. I ended up spending about 2.5 hours or so in there. And spent WAY too much money. Although, I was kinda proud...at the last minute, I put a BUNCH of stuff back, & just got what I was dying for. That's saying a LOT for me, let me tell you. I did have the salesguy, Dave, make a "wishlist" for me, for the stuff I put back. It's amazing how little you get for a lot of money at a make-up store. **sigh** But hey, I DID get some great stuff. And Dave just fell in love with me...I mean, shit, he spent 2.5 hours with me, & did TWO different make-overs on me (two dramatically different looks), & would have done more if I had asked. I could have SWORN he was gay, but when I said I had thought about getting a job there, he said, "How can we date if you work here, too?" He's a SUPER nice guy, but not really my physical type. He has a kid back East, with his ex-wife...wow, he's swishy for a straight guy. How cool would it be to date a guy who can do your make-up for you before you go out? LOL! He did a really dramatic look, & then a light, pink look. He did a great job (he's been a make-up artist for a really long time). While I was there, I got some bad news.

I had called to see what was up with my truck. They had told me it would be ready by Tuesday or Wednesday. Here is was Friday, & I hadn't heard a peep. Louis explained that they had to change the wheel & a back tire that had gotten chewed up in the accident, but could not find a matching tire anywhere. Apparently, the tires that were/are on my truck are only available on the East coast (odd), so they couldn't match it. They finally found a similar one. He said he MIGHT have the truck done by 3PM, so to call him back then. I desperately wanted to get my truck back today, to avoid paying for the damn rental car for an additional 3 days. If I hadn't gotten it today, the body shop wouldn't have been open again until Monday, & even if I turned the rental car in early Monday, the rental car place still charges you for a full day. So that would have been an additional 3 days for NOTHING, since my truck would be done. $90+ for nothing. So I call around 3:45, & he says it's ready, & he needs $534 before I can get it. HUH!?!?!? For what, I ask? $500 for my deductible, & the additional $34 for the upgrade on the tire. Deductible??? Are you kidding, I ask? Nope, he's not kidding. My IDIOT adjuster (the same JACKASS DUMBASS who took 4 FUCKING DAYS to go look at my truck & approve the repairs) told the body shop that *I* had to pay my deductible! And the body shop could not release it without written authorization. WHAT!?!?!?!? Now I am starting to feel a slow burn, & Dave is standing there going, "Everything all right?" Louis calls Bob, my direct adjuster (NOT the idiot), & gets his voice mail. *I* call & get his voice mail, & leave a long, babbling, NOT happy message, something about suing them for all this hassle. Louis tells me that if I find a letter from Bob stating the deductible is waived, he will gladly accept that. So I pay for my make-up, say a rushed goodbye to Dave---promising to come back next Friday (he wants to do a make-over a week on me....make-up artists find me "fun")---& jam to the Metro Station. I could FEEL hate coming out my ears on the Metro. I was so PISSED. I drive home, & search for a letter from Bob. I finally find one that indeed states my deductible is waived if I got hit by an uninsured motorist (which I did, & I had the police report to prove it). I also find a customer service # for my insurance. I call & start ranting to this poor woman, stating I need action NOW, since it's now almost 4:30, & the body shop closes at 5:30, & if I have to pay for 3 extra days of the rental car, I am NOT going to be a happy camper, & they will reimburse me for EVERY penny. She's like, "Hang on, let me get Bob." Bob gets on the phone & says he memoed that adjuster that I didn't have to pay a dime, so he'll fax the body shop right now. I jump in the rental & head over to Arco, since the rental was almost on empty, & I had to return it with half a tank. I put in $10, & of course, that's more than it needed. Crap. So then I start to leave Arco, & there's this woman about to drive away with her cellphone & her wallet on her truck (she obviously set them there while pumping gas). I honk & frantically point to her phone/wallet. She edges forward. I honk two more times, again frantically gesturing, & she zooms off. She thought I was honking to get her to go. So her cellphone goes flying into the middle of the road. I follow her, pull over, & grab her cellphone, it just missed getting run over. I didn't see the wallet. I figured I would wait for someone to call the lady, & then ask them if they had her home number. Anyway, I head to Enterprise, since I have to drop the car off there & they drive me to the body shop. The fucking rental car cost me $750!!!!! Well, sorry, they credited back $69 of that, so gee, only $681!!! Unbelievable! They inspect the car, & of course, it's perfect. Since I put more gas in it than I left with, I get a free half a tank with the next car I rent, wooo-hooo!). They people at Enterprise say, "Wow, you've had this car a long time!" I say, "DON'T GO THERE!" They laugh. The Enterprise people were very nice & expediant. They drive me over to the body shop & drop me off. I make it there around 5:15. Whew! My truck looks great, though. I pay the $34, & make jokes with the guys in the shop. Louis was impressed that I got action, & I said, "Nothing a little ranting won't get done," & then made some comment about never piss off a short chick....big mistake! Someone made a comment about how long it took, & I again said, "Don't go there!" I got in my wonderful truck & left. Any car that started to edge out of a driveway made me jump.

Because of this, I missed picking up my prescription at the doctor's. They closed before I could get there. That's my prescription to finally see a dietitian. I have no clue how much it will cost me. But it will be worth it. I really wanted to pick it up today, but now it will have to be Monday morning, before work. I will drop off my rent check at the same time, so I will just have to leave early for work.

Meanwhile, the lady whose cellphone I had, her husband, Hal, called. He was confused to hear my voice answer the phone. He was like, "Who's this?" I said, "I am the person who found this person's cellphone." He didn't know what had happened, so he was really confused. I explained the situation to him, & after I picked up my truck, I met him at Sears at the Media Center Mall, since I was headed there next. His wife called to see if I had her cell phone...she was so relieved. And she found her wallet. So I go to Sears, give Hal the phone, & he shows me his matching one (older man). He was very grateful. I think most people would think, "woo-hoo! Free cellphone, sweeeeet!" I doubt many people would do the right thing these days. Maybe I am wrong. But it felt good to do something nice for someone.

I finally got my prescription sunglasses. They were apologetic for the mistake/wait. They gave me a free eyeglass cleaning kit to make up for it. They look good. I couldn't really tell if they are okay, cause I had my contacts in, & it made me sick to put them on.

I stopped in at the H&R Block next to the optical department. I guess I will take my taxes there next week. I dread how much it will cost me. I think it was around $150 last year. **sigh** But these men were White, & I don't mean to sound like a racist, but I find that a relief. The H&R Block I went to last year was staffed entirely by people whose first language was not English, & there was a serious language barrier. I think it's extremely important to understand everything when you are dealing with the IRS. I gotta get there in the next two weeks...this is the longest I have waited to do my taxes. Frankly, I just keep forgetting.

I then went to K*B Toys & got some inexpensive gifts for Amy's birthday & her Easter gifts. We are all swapping Easter gifts on Sunday at work, & Amy is my "secret" bunny. I got her a $5 bubble gun (she loves blowing bubbles...the soapy kind, not gum), & an adorable hamster that has numchucks (sp?) & sings "Kung Fu Fighting" in his little hamster voice. ADORABLE!

Next, I hit Hot Dog on a Stick. I LOVE their cheese sticks (wouldn't touch a hot dog with a ten foot pole) & cherry lemonade.

I still have a ton of Erin's CDs to burn....& I am running out of time. I told her I would give them back by Sunday. I will at least give most of them back. I just wasn't around much today, & today was my only day off until NEXT Friday. Oh well, I think she will survive without a few CDs. She'll forgive me. :-) I am trying to get as many done tonight as possible, but I do need to go to sleep soon.

I am supposed to go to that extras audition tomorrow morning, but I have mixed feelings. First of all, with this show I have gotten in, I cannot do extra work now. I mean, maybe a day here or there, but not much. I have to work a job that has set hours, & extra work definitely does not. I don't know if they would be happy to have me show up & say, "Sorry, but I can't work much...don't have much availability." They look for people who basically have full availability. And it's a looooong drive (Beverly Hills) & would require me to (a) get up really early, & (b) miss an hour or two of work in the morning, which is money I need. So I simply can't decide what to do. Extra work is not guaranteed. I suppose I could turn down work offered on days I have rehearsal. I really don't know how it would work.

I am going to crankyangel's get together tomorrow night. I'm excited to be invited/to go, but I doubt I will stay very long, as I am exhausted. I need to recover from this harsh week, & it needs to happen soon. I am going to go & be social, but beg out early, to get some much needed sleep.

Great....gas prices "skyrocketing." Can't wait. Cause money is in GREAT supply for me (yeah, yeah, my little shopping spree today didn't help).

Anyone aware of any Shopaholic Anonymous sites or phone numbers?

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