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I am soooo tired!!!!!

I had the BEST night last night. I can't even describe how much fun I had. Now...before this offends someone....I did NOT expect to have that great of a time. No, I didn't go thinking I would have a shitty time...if I had thought that, I wouldn't have gone at all. But....something all should know about me....I don't care much for alcohol. It's simply not my scene. I tend to not enjoy being around too much of it. It tends to make me a wee bit uncomfortable. And since I knew a bunch of that would be happening, I just expected to be uncomfortable. I didn't know know if people would be smoking weed, which would have made me leave (if done in the house, since I HATE the smell), since I didn't know anything about the people who would be coming. crankyangel told me she would ask people to smoke cigarettes outside (since I am allergic), so that was really cool. I think it's awesome when people are that considerate of others. I felt like a geek even asking her about it. Like a total goober. But she was really cool about it.

Anyway....I was tired all day from being up late Friday night & having drama Friday day, so I thought I would get there around 7, & leave around 9-10. Riiiiiiiiiight. That SO didn't end up happening.

I had a fucking blast, & fell in love with the people who were there. Yes, there was a plethora of drinking going on, but strangely enough, it DIDN'T make me uncomfortable. Weird. But maybe it's because everyone could handle their liquor & no one was stupid or obnoxious. I imagine that makes a difference. I still wouldn't date a man who drank (at least not around me, & not much, period), but it doesn't bother me so much when friends do it, as long as they don't go overboard. And none of these people did. They were all really classy. crankyangel got the craziest, but she was just cracking me up, not annoying me. She's so damn cool. I don't know her that well, yet, but I just think she's "bitchen!" Way cool. Girlfriend went all out, cooking stuff all day, made burgers, chili (which no one ate), etc....not necessary, but she's a great hostess. I think a lot of clueless LJ users see her as this crazy sex object...but I think she's way damn cool...and I couldn't care less about fucking her or seeing her tits (not that I MIND seeing them, just am not salivating to). Her man, webwatcher is way cool, too. What a sassy couple! It was just us three for quite a while, as others showed up fashionably late! The next to arrive were the AMAZING & ADORABLE justj & izzicam. My goodness....I didn't know what to think of them at first. It takes me a while to warm up to people I don't know. But not too long with them!
He is a doll & so funny, & she is just soooo pretty! I'm jealous of her beauty! :-) And she's so sweet, too! They brought along the quiet but sweet & observant alilnootchie. I think he is one of those "it's always the quiet ones"....one of those who doesn't say much, but is thinking one hell of a lot, & taking everything in! :-) Next was the studly houseofal. Didn't know what to think of him, either. He was the only smoker in the group (amazing), but was really cool about having to go outside. I dig that. Some people would bitch & moan, but not him. Way cool. And he's funny as hell. One of those people who says things kinda quietly & off the cuff, & you are lucky if you catch the funnier than shit thing he said. He definitely had a sense of humor similar to mine...and yes, I realize how scary that is! In fact, I honestly think the whole damn group was very similarly minded....perhaps none were quite as crazy as I, but we grooved together, I think. Last--but honey, certainly not least---was the adorable & FUNNY littlesunshine. Ohmigoodness....LOVE her. Funny as hell...definitely my kind of chick. And she lives close to me, too! Wooo-hooo! I felt like I had known her forever!

What an AWESOME group....and what a pleasant surprise!!!!!

Not gonna talk about ALL the fun we had (that's OUR biz!), but there are some more details

The gang did jello shots. Kayla, being the damn considerate person she is, said she should have made non-alcoholic jello shots for moi. I told her it wasn't necessary, I don't much care to eat things that jiggle. ;-� Kayla made a rule that anytime people laughed so hard that they teared up, they had to take a shot of booze (tequila? I dunno). Well, quite a few people were having to do shots! Honestly, these people act like I was hysterical, but I don't remember much of what I did or said that was all that funny. I don't really try to be funny...I just be. I am kinda weird. I say odd things. I am odd. I guess that sometimes translates to "funny!" Fabulous! I love nothing more than to make others laugh! That is my goal in life! It makes me feel so great! It's like a natural high!!!! But they were making ME laugh just as much. Kayla & I are similar in that we will say whatever is on our minds (her moreso than me, & I admire that!).

Some of the highlights of the night (though there were too many to even recall, much less talk about!):

Okay....perhaps you have seen me or the party goers mention "Brown Chicken Brown Brown." Here's the story. My friend, Mary, was telling her sister & her brother in law about kissing a guy she was dating. Her BIL made the porno sound, the "bown chicka bown bown" thing, the music everyone thinks of when they think of pornos (I actually had to strain to think of how to spell that music sound....how did I do?). Well, her BIL's mother was there, & is a bit innocent, & having overheard him do that, said, confused, "Brown chicken brown brown?" As in, "What does THAT mean?" Well, I was telling this story to littlesunshine, alilnootchie, izzicam, & justj (I can't remember if webwatcher was listening to me or to Kayla). houseofal & crankangel were discussing something else, & caught just the tail end of my story. In a hysterical moment---arguably the best of the night---houseofal looked over, confused, & said, "Brown chicken brown brown?," much as the mother in the story might have. I think we just about lost it at that moment. TOO funny! And then there was Kayla talking about the famed purple double headed dong, mentioning something about sitting & spinning, & I grabbed the thing & pretended to spin on it, as if trying to screw it in. Heh-heh. Just me being my silly self. I often do without thinking. Typical Sag! Then there was my classical reading of the porno boxes. Kayla had people carry in box after box of pornos. I don't think I have seen so many pornos, even in a sex shop! Damn!!! So, I just started picking them up, & if they had a comical paragraph on them, I just narrated them. That got lots of laughs. That is also where the "Suckey Fuckey Okie Dokie" comes from (from an Asian porno) & the "Fuck My Black Ass," which was actually the title of a Black porno, if you can believe that....please, I can believe anything when it comes to porn!). My goodness....there were all kinds of funny video titles & captions. One video, something like "Girls who crave big cocks," had a pic on the front of a HUGE penis. houseofal insisted that had to be Photoshop. I disagreed, but I am afraid he might be correct. To prove him wrong, we popped it in, & though we didn't get very far (it was incredibly boring), other than the infamous Ron Jeremy (can you say, "ICK?!?), there wasn't a "big cock" around. The video should have been dubbed, "Homely Girls Who Crave Average Sized Cocks on Ugly Men." ;-� Then there was my Britney Spears imitation....oooo, it slayed them in the aisles! (Kidding!). That lovely little ditty ("Ooops...I Did It Again") ended up being caught on video tape. I could have SWORN the video camera had been turned off...but apparently, it had been turned back on, JUST in time for that. Sheesh. What a dork I am! As if webwatcher taking still shots of me being a dork wasn't bad enough!!! Maybe they will find the video really boring & tape over it. HAH! Dan, when are you gonna post those pics? Or at least email them to me! ;-� Those should be pretty funny. Then webwatcher indulged us with his groovy singing! What a diva! :-) He is truly the karaoke king....but I am the QUEEN!!!! I got some great shots of izzicam & justj being loved on by Kayla's AWESOME dogs, Fahrenheit & Celsius (Halon was my fave). Too cute! littlesunshine & I had some great moments sharing the double dong. That damn dong...it ripped some of my hair out! Keep long hair away from those things, I'm telling you! Ouch!!!!

The best part of all this? It was all broadcast live over the net. I didn't know that Kayla had a website & webcams everywhere, until I got there. She has one in pretty much every room. I would be doing something really ridiculous, & then would realize that I just did it in front of a damn webcam. I am sure anyone watching was wondering who that ridiculous, idiotic, silly-ass chubby blonde is!!!!! What a loon, they are thinking! Bring on the nekkid chicks! Where's the hook? No telling how many silly things I did were caught on the webcams. Scary thought.

Anyway.....it was such a friggin' blast!!!! I am SO glad I went! Remember me planning to leave around 9-10??? Damnit, I didn't leave until 1AM....and even then, I left reluctantly. CRAZY! And Kayla....thanks for the pornos! Wooo-hoooo!

I can't wait to be invited to Kastle Kayla again....or anywhere these people congregate (I'd invite them to my place, but (a) it's tiny, (b) it's a mess, since I am a slob, & (c) I have a "no liquor" policy at my house, making no one want to come over!). What a fun group of people! I hope they all had as much fun as I did....and reading the brief posts/comments made, I think they might have.

What else....worked today, on Easter....exhausted. I didn't go to bed until around 2AM, & had to wake up at 8AM. 6 hours is NOT enough sleep for me, particularly when I already hadn't gotten much sleep this week. I had to wear my glasses today, my eyes were so damn tired & irritated. I told my friends at work a bit about last night, but they didn't seem as amused as I. I doubt it was as much of a matter of "ya had to be there," as much as it's not really their scene. Porno, double headed dildos, webcams...not their thing, really. We had ordered a nice turkey dinner at work, for the whole group, including our supervisor, Tim. It was pretty yummy. I had turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, a roll, & a bit of stuffing (it had WAY too many onions in it, & I HATE onions with a passion). I don't mind working on holidays (except Xmas), since I don't have any family around me. Alicia set up an Easter egg hunt for us, & that was really fun. I couldn't believe what Tim did later. Apparently, he needed some of those plastic eggs to give gifts to his nieces & nephews. Well, while we were performing out on set, he went into our dressing room, went into my bag, took out a plastic egg full of candy, dumped the candy out, & took the egg (he took 2-3, just one of which was mine). Excuse me? Went into my bag & just took something that belonged to me, without even asking? A supervisor? HUH???? Whatever.
I am friends with two loss prevention people at Knott's, & they wanted us to file a report & get him fired. Not worth it. I am not going to be responsible for someone losing their job over a couple of damn plastic Easter eggs. Yeah, he shouldn't have done what he did, but it's not worth firing someone over. The guests were amazingly rude on this lovely CHRISTIAN holiday. We form a line to take pics or meet the characters (Charlie Brown, Linus, & Lucy), so we can tell who's next, etc. I cannot even tell you how many people cut in line. Not even cut in line, really, but skipped the line altogether, & just pushed their kids ahead of everyone waiting in line. Now, some were just dummies who SOMEONE didn't notice the people lined up, but most were people who DID see the line, & simply didn't feel they should have to stand in it. I detest people like that. "It's all about me." Assholes. I swear...I wasn't thinking too much of humanity by the end of my 7 hour shift. **sigh**

I feel badly for crankyangel. Apparently, she's got bronchitis & laryengitis. Not fun. I wonder if that's the LJ Bash thing. I hope she feels better soon!

Not feeling that great myself, today. Absolutely exhausted, but still...had a bit of a fever & some chills a while ago. I hope it's just exhaustion. We will see how I feel tomorrow. With rehearsals starting Tuesday, I seriously cannot afford to be sick.

Kayle mentioned trying to help me find work. That would be awesome, & so appreciated. I need money....badly. People who try to help others are pretty awesome people, I think.

I am pretty damn tired....so I think I will wrap this up for now. I am sure I have more to say, as I always do (no one ever accuses me of not having much to say), but my brain is fried for now.

Hanging out with these cool people makes me wish I had spent more time at the LA LJ Bash, & had gotten to know MORE cool people....bummer for me. But there's always next year! :-)

Look for some fun pics to be posted from last night's soiree! I just need to find the time to do it (won't have too much time until Friday, but I will do my best before then.....though with rehearsal after work on Tues/Wed, I won't have much free time). I suspect they will be worth the wait, LOL!!!! ;-�
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