Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

What a crock.....

I finally heard back from Franco. Email after email went completely ignored. I didn't actually send him that many, & it was over the course of 3-4 weeks. I sent him the initial one, & then I mostly just sent him pictures of us, with no real writing attached, & then I sent him one a few days ago giving him the heads up that I had written to the CEO of Royal Caribbean to say that Cruise Director Kyle sucked & Franco should be promoted, just in case the CEO contacted them. I certainly would have thought I would have gotten a response from that one, since I went out of my way to do that. Finally, Friday I emailed him & asked him if there was any particular reason he was ignoring me....was it something I did? I explained I had no delusions about any relationship between us, but certainly thought we'd remain friends, considering. I said I was confused at to why he would ignore me, & that while I had no proof he had even checked his email yet, I strongly suspected he had. This morning, I finally got a response (what there is of it):

"Hey Cassie!

Oh my God!!! Not at all! It's just that I'm so busy...I don't know if I told you, but I've taken the position of Cruise Director (only for the Italian guests) and now there are 368 of them, and
NOBODY speaks Italian here...so I'm really busy...but ofcourse I want to remain friends...and
friends we shall be for ever!

I'll write again...gotta run. Thanks for your signature on my site!!!



Wow.....exciting, isn't it? :-(

All that wait, all that wondering....and that's what I get. "....don't know if I told you....," of course he didn't tell me, that's the first peep I have heard out of him since the cruise, & when I was there, he hadn't taken on that job. Numnut. At least he finally had the decency to respond, cause he realized I was getting irked. He knew he owed me at LEAST that. "...friends we shall be forever...," spare me. Friends keep in touch, at least. He had on the signs on the cruise of sincerely caring about me. I guess he just has the act down really well. I imagine he is happy as a clam on that ship. He doesn't have to pay rent, he's friendly so he has plenty of friends within the crew. He gets to drink booze at a substantial crew discount. He gets to party all he wants at night. His food is paid for. And he gets a different woman (women?) every week to romance. That should be just about every man's dream....a different girl in every port, they say....in his case, it's more like a different girl (girls?) on every cruise, at least one per week. I might not have been the only girl he hooked up with the week I was there....although he did only have one day off, & he spent it with me. Big whoop....lucky me. Nah, it was fun, & I knew, deep-down, that it was only a fling. How could I have maintained anything with someone who lives on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean? And besides, he has too many nasty habits that I could not & would not have put up with on a more permanent basis.

It is just disappointing, that's all. I am now sure he was talking out his ass, but he talked so much about having me come stay with him on the ship when he got his own room, he talked endlessly about "when we are married," he called me his "girlfriend," he ate dinner with my entire family, in front of everyone in the 2nd seating dining room, he didn't even attempt to have sex with me, he spent his only day off with me, he told his mother about me.....those things just don't seem like the actions of someone who only wants a little booty.

If I EVER figure out men, I would write a best-seller. But that ain't gonna happen. I don't understand why men can't just be straight-forward.
I would have been content with just having a cruise ship fling, HE was the one making it sound like more. He practically got upset when I commented that the last night on the ship was probably the last time we would ever see each other. Go figure.....cause I can't. It doesn't make a bit of sense to me.

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