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RATS!!!! I ran out of time this morning, & won't get a webcam until tomorrow morning, if then. I have been so tired lately, it's just been really hard for me to get up early to get out & about. I went to bed WAY too late last night. But darnit, I am so addicted to talking to all my new friends on the net, LJ, etc....that I just didn't get to bed. I had intended to get in bed by 10-11. Riiiiight. It was more like 2AM again. **sigh** The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

To those who have requested the secret to my sassy sparkly thingy (that's the typing, not my dildo...that's a joke, I don't have a dildo): I will either post it later, when I get home from work, or you can find the first entry that awesome vixyash made using it (it shouldn't be THAT far back, it's only been in the last few days), & follow the comments links...she tells ME how to do it there.
It's easy, only a matter of copy & pasting. Just don't tell EVERYONE...we don't want EVERYONE to know the secret! Then it's not as cool! ;-�

I need to leave for work now, but I am waiting for a news report. Supposedly, a Britney Spears impersonator is responsible for the death of 2 teenage girls, & there is a multi-million dollar lawsuit now. Well, my friend---Robert---is a pretty well known Britney impersonator...he even has a movie out about it, that was shown at Sundance. So I am freaking out. I PRAY it's not him involved. SHOW THE DAMN STORY ALREADY. I HATE that they give news blurbs to hold you, & then don't show the damn story you want to see until the show is almost over. Bastards. I can't wait much longer or I will be late for work. Crap.

More later....gotta get going.

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