Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

New member of the family

I just adopted a new doggie from the pound. I am experiencing many different emotions.

She is a 4 year old Australian Shepherd mix. She is at least medium sized....I think she weighs too much for me to pick her up. She has the sweetest, prettiest face. I took her outside to the "test drive" area, to see if she liked ME (I am a firm believer that they pick YOU as much as you pick THEM). She was doing what the Animal Match lady (Marybeth) calls the "Australian Shepherd lean," which is how they lean against you when they like you. She certainly seemed to like me. She licked my face, & when I decided to adopt her, she wouldn't leave my side. Now that I have her home, she still won't leave my side.
I bathed her in the driveway, cause she was pretty dirty. I am going to take her to the groomers to get shaved & groomed. She's long haired, & I would rather her be at least trimmed, & I am sure she'd be more comfortable, too. I have all kinds of new family member emotions....will she get along with Toby? Will she get along with the cats? How much will she eat, how much will it cost to feed her (she's big)? How am I gonna afford the flea stuff? Will she like it here? Will she like me? Will everything work out? <> I am such a worrywart. She certainly seems to be liking me so far. She is very comfortably asleep at my feet. I have 3 days to take her to a vet for a free health check, I hope she's healthy. She cost less than I expected, because she is already spayed. She must have been someone's dog.

I fell in love with some other dogs, too. I wish I had a huge house with a huge backyard so I could have more dogs. I fell in love with this adorable, soft, cuddly, playful Vizsla....he was just a puppy, though. I almost adopted him, but Marybeth said that those breeds (pointers) do NOT get along with cats. It's not that they are vicious creatures by any means, it's just that their instinct is to chase & kill small prey. She wanted me to adopt him, & then when I mentioned that I had cats, she was like, "I would never put this dog with a cat." There was a really cute, friendly Staffordshire, but she didn't think he'd be good with a small dog like Toby. They tend to be dominant, since they are part Pit. There was a little love of a dog that they were claiming was a Rottweiler mix....but she really didn't look anything like a Rott, except maybe in the coloring. She was so playful & sweet, & a licker! But she was not available yet. Then there was this gorgeous German Shepherd mix....she didn't look anything like the police dogs, she was tan with a stunningly beautiful face. She was a sweet licker, too, & really seemed to like me, but she was on hold til the 26th for a possible owner. Apparently, she has an owner, & this is her 3rd impound, so they are either letting her out of the fence, or she is jumping it. There was also a black lab that looked EXACTLY like Toby only bigger, but he was not available yet, either.

Toby just barked all aggressively at Penny...I hope that's not going to be a regular occurance.

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