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Responses from the 12 inch loser.....

In response to my email asking if he was "for real":

"No joke I am real.

I read your BOOK.......(your ad).

The longest as on the net.
Nice ad though.

I like to be in love also.......4 sex and all......but that takes time.
I just want you or anyone I am going to spend time to know....that 12 is a BIG number.............if that is ok.........write back....Jeff.....Blue eyes ............also..........no fat."

My response to that:

"No....that's not okay. Frankly, not to be mean, but I feel sorry for any man with a 12-inch penis. That's ridiculous. Contrary to popular belief, most women do not WANT a penis THAT large. I certainly don't. I find it stunning that you would reveal your penis size to a COMPLETE stranger....and then claim you are "shy." And my dear, if you think your last girlfriend was "tight"....try sex with someone 4'11. Anything much over average isn't going into any orifice of mine. If you want someone who's not "too tight" for you, perhaps you should stop trying to date petite women. And no kissing til the 7th date? I totally respect & agree with waiting on sex....but kissing? I can wait the first date....but I will kiss by the 2nd. Cause if a guy is a bad kisser (my fave thing to do), then he's out the door. I don't believe in wasting my valuable time.

So...thanks for responding. I actually really do appreciate you taking the time to read my "book" (I just know what I want/don't want). But I am not interested. Good luck to you!"

His last response:

"Good I am average anyway I was just testing you out.

I am a good kisser too.......can steamup the car windows with a girl I like........Hope you dont smoke."

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