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"Enough is enough."

Ooooo...George W. Bush. You're so damn tough. (Nope....don't like him.)

Anyway....I had so many thoughts I wanted to write about today, & now I am so bloody tired, I can't remember what they all were.

I know I wanted to vent about some stuff.

Like when I went into Barnes & Noble tonight. I was looking for books on a certain subject, & I turn to go down an aisle...and there is a couple sprawled out in the aisle. I'm not kidding. They were taking up the whole width of the aisle. The guy was leaning against one side, & his girlfriend was laying between his legs, & their legs reached all the way to the other side, blocking the whole aisle. It was blatantly obvious that I need to walk down the aisle, & they didn't move a fucking muscle. How fucking rude! Barnes & Noble is NOT your home people....you don't just sprawl out on the fucking floor! Get a fucking clue! They have chairs, if you REALLY need to sit & read in a fucking bookstore. It's not a fucking library! You don't sit there & read the books, you cheap assholes! The rudeness of some people boggles my mind. I cannot even IMAGINE sprawling out in the middle of a store like that. Have some fucking class.

Boy...when I cuss that much, you KNOW I am cranky!

More bitching

I cannot stand parents who act like their kid(s) is the most special kid on Earth. I think it's AWESOME if you think your kid is the most special kid on Earth, to yourself. But when you start acting in public like your kid is MORE special than anyone else's kid, that bugs me. Here's a prime example, & something we deal with a lot. The characters can ONLY be outside in costume for 30 minutes MAX. You cannot even imagine how hot it gets in those suits. There is immense padding, & your entire head is inside a big plastic one, with the only air holes being the mouth. It gets CRAZY hot in there. While I don't expect people to EXACTLY know just how hot, but you gotta imagine it gets pretty hot, if you have a fucking brain. The characters had been out for about 25 minutes, including doing an aerobic show (lots of dancing). We take off walking to the dressing room a couple of minutes early, cause it's a nice little haul, & typically, people will stop you or at least try to stop you on the way back. So I made an announcement on the microphone that the characters were about to go inside for the day (it was our last set), & our escort had cut the line off, because if anyone else got in line, they would NOT get a picture, because we had to go. This woman comes up to me, points in the maze, & says, "It's my son's birthday. We came here for his birthday. I wanted him to get a picture with Charlie Brown. He's playing in the maze." So....what? You want me to make the characters pass out because it's your son's birthday? If she had indicated that she was willing to get him out right away, that might have been a different matter, but she said her son was enjoying the maze too much to come out right now....basically asking me to keep the characters out until her son was ready to pose with them. First of all, your kid is NOT special to ME nor to Charlie fucking Brown JUST because it's his birthday. We ALL have birthdays. You cannot expect someone to give a crap who doesn't know your son from Adam. Being the good little employee I am, to placate her (since I refused to make an exception for her son), I asked her what her son's name was, & I said, on the microphone, "Happy birthday, Andrew, from Charlie Brown, Linus, & Lucy!" She seemed a little pleased with that. Here's the bigger rub...we were out ALL day. They just had better things to do. I cannot tell you how many people wait til the LAST minute to rush the characters. We do a 30 minute set. Again, IF you have a brain, you HAVE to figure that people cannot be in those costumes long. We will have people sit there the ENTIRE set...and then when we announce on the mic that we are going inside, they rush up & demand a picture...."No, you can't go inside yet, we want a picture!" Well, mother fuckers, you have been sitting on your ass watching us for 30 minutes, did you think we just stayed out there all day, for your convenience? Sheesh, people! People drive me fucking nuts! Do people not HAVE brains, or do they simply not USE them? Anyway, back to the idiot parent thing. Two summers ago, we did a birthday show. I believe it was Snoopy's birthday, so we had a "happy birthday, Snoopy" show on the street during the day, & then one in the Wagon Camp in the afternoon. During the show, we would pick ONE child to come up who was having a birthday. We'd put a little party hat on them, & the characters would sing & dance a happy birthday song to the kid. As you can LOGICALLY imagine, we can't pull up 5 million birthday kids, for obvious reasons. The main one being, the characters have extremely limited vision, & our playing area is very small, so we don't have space to SAFELY bring a whole gaggle of kids up. The characters can barely see one kid...any more, & there's a chance they will get trampled. I held the kid's hand, & still had to sing & dance, etc. ONE kid per show. We'd say on the mic, "Are there any kids out there celebrating a birthday? I just need ONE child with a birthday. No adults, only children, & we can only have ONE up here, folks." Of course, 5 million asshole parents are shoving their kids in our faces, so I would choose one, & the escorts would push the others back. I cannot TELL you how many IRATE parents we had after the show, simply because we didn't pick THEIR FUCKING "SPECIAL" CHILD. We have 15 kids wanting to be chosen, can only pick one...guess what? That means that 14 aren't going to be chosen. Might as well teach your children about disappointment....that we don't ALWAYS get our way. I cannot tell you how many parents would come up to bitch us out for not choosing their kid. "It is MY kid's birthday!" "Yes m'am, but we can only bring up one child. It's a safety concern. We don't want your child to get hurt. We have other shows today, if you'd like to come back, we will try to pick your child." I had one adult chew me out for not choosing HER...not her kid, HER. She came up after the show to show me her drivers license, proving it was REALLY her birthday. I said, "M'am, I didn't NOT believe you, but this is a children's show." "Knott's Berry Farm isn't just for kids, it's for adults, too." "Yes, m'am, but since adults KNOW there are people in those suits, & kids think they are real, don't you think it's a little more special for a child to be part of the show?" "I didn't see a sign saying 12 & under only...you should have a sign." "M'am, would you feel better if I gave you a party hat?" "Yes....yes, I would." "Would you like me to put it on you?" "Yes." **sigh** I had one lady come up to tell me that I made her 2 year old niece cry, because I didn't pick her. I WATCHED the 2 year old...she was TERRIFIED of the characters. Her mother was SHOVING her towards the characters, & the little girl was backing away in fear, crying. She wasn't crying because she didn't get chosen, she was crying because her dumb fuck mother was shoving the terrified girl on big scary characters! That's another one! I cannot tell you how many parents FORCE their terrified kids on the characters. Erin will actually say, "Please don't force your child to do something he/she doesn't want to do." Your kid is not special to me! It's great that he/she is special to YOU, but he/she is NOT special to me, & don't act like he/she should be. The world does NOT revolve around your child.

Okay, I have a friend here now, so I must go....I had much more bitching to get out, but oh well. She's bugging the shit out of me to stop typing. ;-� More tommorow.
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