Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

Here comes trouble!

OK....so I am liking this guy & it's TOTALLY unexpected.

Therefore, lots of confusing emotions rolling around in my head.

This guy, Jeff, responded to my online ad. I met him for lunch, & while I didn't really feel "romantic chemistry," (wasn't really my "type" physically), he was a very nice guy & we seemed to have quite a bit in common. So I told him how I felt, & told him that I would love to be friends & "hang out."

So he emailed me & told me that was cool, & invited me to come over & swim in his pool one day.

I put it off, not really chomping at the bit to do so. And then it got really hot, & I thought swimming in someone's pool on a hot day didn't seem to be that bad of an idea. He even told me to bring the doggies.

So I have a rare day off, & loaded the excited "kids" into the car, & off we go to Jeff's house to swim. I got there kinda late, but we swam for a bit & then got in the jacuzzi.
We then ordered a pizza, & walked the dogs down to pick it up. We came back & watched "Spy-TV," "Fear Factor," & "Weakest Link" while eating pizza. Penelope wanted some attention, & came over for me to pet her. Toby was sitting in between Jeff & I on the couch, & when Penelope neared, he growled & bit her on the nose! Jealous little doggy!

So I had a really great time. He's easy to talk to & really smart. When he got into the pool, I discovered he had quite a nice body. Not "cut" or anything, but definitely slim & in good shape.

He told me about a carnival his little town has every Thursday, & invited me to come up. So I again loaded the doggies into the car & we went off to Jeff's house again.

We put the dogs in the backyard, & walked up to the carnival. We walked around & ate, & were there for about 3 hours. We walk back to his house, & I suddenly notice, to my fear, that the gate is open enough for two little doggies to get out. Sure enough, the dogs were GONE. We start freaking out, & Jeff almost seemed more worried than me! We got on his motorcycle & combed the neighborhood for about an hour & a half. I was ready to give up (they have good tags on them), & he insisted on driving up & down some more. Finally we go back to his house, & I have a voicemail on my phone, telling me the people down the street found my dogs. Whew! So we walk down to go get them, & the lady said that the woman down the street had actually caught Toby, & wanted to know about the "reward" (it says that on his tag)...can't people just return a family member out of the kindness of their heart, & not be concerned with the money? <>

Penelope was SOOO happy to see me. I don't understand why she took off. I think she has some serious separation anxiety issues, & although they had hung out there all day once before, they weren't THAT familiar with Jeff's house.

We thanked the family profusely, & walked the dogs back to Jeff's. We chained them to the railing by the jacuzzi (we still weren't sure how they got out & weren't about to take our chances), & got into the jacuzzi to relieve some stress. We ended up staying in the jacuzzi until 3AM (I normally go to sleep around 10PM). I saw 3 shooting stars while in there. We talked about so many deep, wonderful things....and truly seem to think a lot alike.

The more I get to know him, the more I talk to him, the more I am attracted to him. He still really isn't my "type," but neither was the love of my life. Jeff is certainly handsome....but he has some crooked teeth & facial hair. That's being nit-picky, I know. But he does have really beautiful eyes & an adorable smile.

I found myself wanting to kiss him while in the jacuzzi. I gave him ample opportunity to do so, but he was either not interested (perhaps confused with my turnaround in interest?), or was being a gentleman. I gave him a massage, & he gave me one.

By the time we got out, it was around 3AM. I took a quick shower to get the chlorine off me, while Jeff got us some water, since we were dehydrated. He invited me to stay over, since I was way too tired to drive home safely. He got me a long t-shirt to sleep in, & we ALL piled into bed. Toby immediately jumped up & laid down between us. Penny curled up on the other side of Jeff. I decided to move Toby to the other side of me, & moved closer to Jeff. He snuggled up behind me, put his arms around me, & spooned me. Geez....it's been SO long since I got spooned! And I do love being spooned! We slept like that all night....well, gee, all 3 hours that we slept, since I had to wake up & drive home at 7AM, to get ready for work. Nothing happened....we didn't kiss, neck, nothing....just cuddled. Which was truly kinda nice....and kinda frustrating, too. :-)

Then I thought about the guy almost all day. That's never a good sign, as far as I am concerned. That can only lead to bad things. Jeff's divorce has only been in place since February, although things were over way before then. I have no idea what Jeff's thoughts are on any of this. He might just think I am someone who likes to snuggle with my platonic friends. I don't have any idea if he's interested in me....although it looks fairly positive.

I called him after work today, because I told him I would look at my schedule to see when we could have another "slumber party." He seemed really happy to hear from me. We decided to make dinner together on Sunday night, & have a "sleepover" on Monday night, because I am off Tuesday & won't have to wake up early. So that's two nights in a row that we will see each other, one being a sleepover. That has all kinds of potentially dangerous possibilities. And then, if Sun/Mon together wasn't enough....as we were getting off the phone, he says, "Hey, if I finish things up here tomorrow in good time, I'll give you a call, & maybe we can hang out tomorrow night, too?" :-)So maybe there IS interest on his end, too. I told him I wanted to go hear my friend's band play in Hermosa Beach, so we are taking his motorcycle & going together. It's only tomorrow night, but I can't wait.

I was telling my friends at work about him, & they all insisted this guy was "perfect" for me. He doesn't like onions, dislikes smokers, is against drugs.....I am not really sure on the drinking thing, but I have never seen him drink alcohol, & he knows how I feel about it. He is "undecided" on kids...he doesn't know for sure that he wants them, in fact, the older he gets, the more he doesn't. His dad died, my mother died. He's financially & career-wise NOT where he wants to be. He drives a motorcycle (& a Volvo). He likes to swim, likes to walk, likes to ride waverunners, etc.

All I know is that as time passes & I spend more with him.....I like him more & more. And I am not sure if that makes me happy or scared....or both.

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