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One comment....one question....

Ummm....tomorrow is trash day. I come home from rehearsal to move my cans out, & open the lids to throw more in...and there is trash in there that is not mine. Mind you, I live in a pretty secluded cul-de-sac. This frequently happens. Who is the mystery person throwing their trash in MY trash cans? I don't get it. We know how much I detest beer....and one day I opened the lid & there was an empty 12 pack of Bud. WTF? Keep yer fuckin' trash out of my trash cans! WTF?

Now...on to the question....this is an informal poll, & there is absolutely no point to it, other than my curiousity.


The Kinsey Scale:
0=100% heterosexual...the thought of being with someone of the same sex makes you want to puke.

1=straight, but open minded (you know, if you happened to touch someone of the same sex sexually in a sexual situation, you'd be okay with that...I mean, you wouldn't seek it out, but if it happens, it happens, & you are cool with that)

2=emotionally straight, but sexually bisexual (you can only fall in love with someone of the opposite sex, but you can be with ANYONE, sexually)

3=100% bisexual (you can fall in love with & be intimate with anyone)

4=emotionally gay, but sexually bisexual (mirror image of #2)

5=gay, but open-minded (mirror image of #1)

6=100% gay (mirror image of #0)

So....question is....what number are you? Be honest, don't be shy....

(I have been mostly a 1, now kinda edging into a 2....before you ask.)
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