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Here I go again....off to rehearsal in an hour, & don't have my lines memorized. We were supposed to be off book on the 15th, & tonight, we are reviewing pages 33-50. These are the scenes we have gone over the least. See....I can't really sit & memorized a script. I memorize through repetition. During the course of a normal rehearsal, I will just naturally become off book, just by doing the scenes over & over. That hasn't been the case with this show. I love these people, but the way they run their rehearsals are quite odd. We would block a scene, & then not do that scene again for a week or two. The second half of the show is the part we reviewed the least...not to mention, there are 5 pages of dialogue in which *I* speak backwards. Trying memorizing lines backwards. It ain't easy, because it makes zero sense. Instead of saying "The Caterpillar might be able to help. He knows everything....almost," I have to say, "Helpt to able be might Caterpillar The. Almost....everything knows he." **sigh** So why am I typing here instead of studying my lines? Because remember, like I said, it doesn't help me much to memorize them that way. Crap. I am going to be calling "line" all night tonight. I hate being unprepared. And being tired doesn't help...but I couldn't sleep last night.

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    Still no clue what I'm going to do. No clue at all.

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