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So sexykitty1 wants to put me on a "diet plan" of sorts. But she's being a hardass about it. Like, instead of having canned pineapple, I am supposed to go to the store, get an actual pineapple, & chop it up myself. I need an eating plan that is cheap, easy, & convenient...I rarely have time to grocery shop, much less chop up a damn pineapple.

She's just getting started on LJ, so drop in & say hi to her (she only has two posts so far, but she's working on it). It's always nice to make a newbie feel comfortable here.

Lots of arguments/debate on LJ lately.

While I almost always allow for comments, the bottom line is, this is my journal. This is where I talk about my innermost thoughts & emotions. I NEVER type for show....when I say I feel fat, I am NOT asking for people to tell me I am pretty, that I am NOT fat, etc. I am expressing a true emotion...what I truly, honestly feel. If someone wants to type a supportive comment, that's great, & much appreciated. But I am NOT "fishing." I feel how I feel....I feel like I am fat....and nothing anyone is going to say is going to change the way I feel (especially when my doctor confirms that I *AM* overweight).

Can you really argue with people over their opinion? Opinions are like assholes...everyone has one. Opinions are not facts, even thought they might sometimes be based on facts. A fact is, "The color of my type is black." An opinion is, "The color black is really sexy." Someone else might think, "I disagree. Black is evil." But is one right over the other? Isn't it just a matter of...well, opinion? When it comes right down to it, even "facts" can be debated. Animal experts/vets/etc. state that letting a domesticated housecat go outside is cruel & dangerous. Then there is probably a whole other school of people (animal rights people? I don't know who, actually) who claim that NOT letting a cat go outside is cruel. And each group will more than likely have "facts" to back them up. I just find LJ to be so interesting. I mean...you post your honest thoughts....and someone basically calls you a jackass for having a certain opinion. Someone calls you a jackass for the way you think in your journal! Granted, you can disallow comments...but I like to leave myself open for the possibility of "pearls of wisdom" from some people. Making sure you don't get any rude comments means you can't get any helpful ones, either. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
Some people see these journals as no different than a public message board. I definitely disagree with that. Some days, you can't even count on your "friends" to be supportive...sometimes, it's your "friends" who hurt you the most...so making posts for "friends only" doesn't do any good...AND you exclude potential new friends, too.
I can understand commenting to someone's entry with your DIFFERENT opinion, to state that you disagree & here's why, but to tell someone their opinion is WRONG & that they are dumb or a jackass or whatever, an opinion they have stated in their JOURNAL, is....well....wrong. And as I type that, I wonder if I will ever have a reason to be a hypocrite.

What a bunch of dummies at my vet....I left Toby's leash with them, because my neighbor had to pick Toby up. I wouldn't be home until 10PMish from rehearsal, & Toby just couldn't go any longer with his teeth that dirty. So I explained that THEY had to keep the leash to allow my neighbor to pick Toby up. So Nick (my neighbor) gets there to pick him up, & they claim there's no leash. So Nick carries Toby to his car. Not being allowed a chance to pee (he wouldn't have peed inside, & he would normally pull you towards a tree or bush when on a leash when he has to pee), & having been there ALL day, Toby proceeds to lift his leg & pee on Nick's backseat. **sigh** Nick was doing me a HUGE favor by picking Toby up, & Toby pees on his seat. Nick says it's just a little bit, cause he yelled at Toby as soon as he saw him doing it, but I still offered to pay for any cleaning his seat needs. I then proceeded to chew out the vet office (in a polite, calm way, of course). They said they weren't sure who the leash belonged to....I said, "Ummm....his collar is neon pink, & the leash matches exactly...pretty hard to not be able to tell who it belongs to." The lady I talked to agreed, & was very apologetic. I explained to her about Toby peeing on Nick's seat, & how Toby wouldn't have done that if he'd been on a leash, cause he would have pulled Nick to a bush/tree. How dumb can ya get? There couldn't have been THAT many doggies left to pick up by the time Nick got there....there couldn't have been THAT many leashes laying around, since most owners keep the leash when they leave their pet, & the leash matches his collar. **sigh**

Tomorrow, I work all day & then I am going to see "Sideshow" for the 3rd time, this time with Reggie. Can't wait. What a fucking awesome show! It's closing night, too! I sure wish they would record a soundtrack!!!

I withdrew my account by over $300. What a dumbass. I had money in my purse to deposit, & just never found time to deposit it. Now I will have to pay God knows how much in overdraft fees. *ugh* What a dumbass I am for this. I could kick myself.

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