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Hmmmm....watching my video of the World Music Awards that were on tonight. Chris Noth looks like HELL! He came out with a greasy forehead & bags so large under his eyes that I could have packed for a vacation in them! And then he stumbled over everything he said. Drugs, anyone? OK, that's an awfully big assumption. Maybe he just gets really nervous. But he IS a Hollywood actor, so it wouldn't be that much of a stretch.

My masseuse just left. My goodness....he was amazing. I think his hands have gotten stronger since he last gave me a massage (almost a year ago). And honest to God, my back hasn't been this jacked up in years. Every muscle is tense beyond belief. He worked hard & still couldn't really break the knots up. He's coming back Tuesday night.
Wooo-hooo! No, I really can't afford it....but I NEED it. And at some point, I need to prioritize things, & my health should be up there at the tops.

I'll tell ya what.....when you are getting a great massage, an hour will go by WAY too fast. It felt like he had just started on me when he announced it has been an hour.

And just as quickly, my one day of rest is gone. It's already midnight...and I still don't feel rested. **sigh**

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