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I know I have mentioned this before, I believe in a community group.

You know that little tip jar at smoothie places like Jamba Juice?

Ummmmm....what is the point? Are these workers not getting paid? They are not servers, not in the waitress/waiter sense. They blend your smoothie & hand it to you. That is their JOB. That is what they are getting paid to do. On top of that...it's not a difficult job. Pick up the blender, drop in the various ingredients, stick it on the blender, hit "blend," remove, pour in cup, stick lid on it, & hand it to you. Tough. Hey, I'd take that job in a heartbeat, I think it seems like fun...so I am not dissing. Just being honest. It's not a tough job. And they are paid to do the job. So why the tip jar? It irks me a bit, because I feel like it's there to make you feel guilty. Money is tight for me, & while I wouldn't NOT tip my waitress, I don't think you should tip people at places like this. I don't tip the McDonald's workers for scooping up my fries & putting them in the bag. I don't tip the Pizza Hut workers for slicing up my pizza & placing it in the box. Do you get my point? Why are smoothie joint workers any different?

Can someone explain this to me???
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