Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

Sleepy girl......

I am sooooo tired....but need to stay awake until at least 9PM (another hour).

Today was exhausting.

I got guilted into a production of "Wizard of Oz" that opened today. I have done it with this director twice before, & always have a good time.
Erik had his Dorothy drop out at the last minute, so he begged me to do it, or the show would have to be canceled. So, with only a few days to learn (or re-learn, rather....but it had been a WHILE) the script, I agreed to do it. I happen to be off on Sundays, anyway, & it runs on Sundays, at 1 & 3PM. I didn't have much time to spend with the script, because I have been busy working & have had previous plans. So I was completely stressing out about the lines....and last night's rehearsal made it worse! NO ONE knew their lines! That made me really nervous! Apparently, the lion dropped out last minute, too, so a new guy was brought in, & last night's reh. was his first time really even seeing the script. So he really only had last night & this morning to learn it....the Good Witch didn't really know her lines....Aunt Em didn't know hers....Erik is playing the Tin Man & was kinda a mess....& I didn't know mine that well, either. But it sank in during rehearsal, cause I got every single line right today....and I am in every single scene, I almost never leave the stage. Everyone was much better today....but the lion, bless his heart, was still shaky, mostly paraphrasing, & the Wizard was a bit iffy. The lion completely forgot the beginning of his solo song...and that was really uncomfortable for all of us. I didn't know the song to help him out. So it was awkward. Aunt Em went to take off the laundry line at the beginning, & the whole tree fell down. The adults thought it was hysterical. I got hit with a set piece. The curtain tore in two. The Gatekeeper/Wizard forgot to come back onstage for some lines at one point...it was just crazy, crazy, crazy....and just wore me out.

Robbin, who plays the Witch BRILLIANTLY, & Grant, who plays the Scarecrow BRILLIANTLY, are planning on coming to see me at work on Saturday. That is a day that I am doing the saloon show again. I don't particularly want anyone to see me do my regular job. But I LOVE the saloon show, & I honestly think I do a really great job in it....the part just fits me to a "T." So I am excited for people to see me do it. Jeff came to see me do it on Friday, he said I was great. I am hoping that maybe he can come back again w/his friend, Max, on Saturday, as well. I only know of two days more that I am doing that show, the 25th & 31st. I wish everyone I know could see me do it. I want Darryn to come, too....so maybe he can come on Saturday, as well....or the 31st.

Did I talk about Darryn? I think I did. I am intrigued to see what if anything develops with him. He SEEMS interested...but again, I can't tell if it's to get down my pants, or genuine interest. I get the impression that he's a bit of a playboy, given the "rock star" aspect, or even if he's not a playboy, it sounds like he's a "partier." And that's definitely not my type. But I am curious as to what will happen...he is definitely attractive & sexy. And hey...if it's a casual thing....I am not opposed to that, since I honestly don't think I am up for a serious relationship, anyway.

And then there's Gary....but dangit, he lives so fucking far away. Distance shouldn't be an issue, but it truly IS for me. I hate driving, & my car is crap. Gary is another guy I have met online...but I haven't met him in person yet. He's certainly handsome in his pictures, & has a really nice body, too. Totally physically my type. And he seems to be my type emotionally, too, but we will see about that. He is a "small town boy" from Indiana....and those of us not born & raised in Cali just have different (in my mind, better) values. When he initially responded, he told me that I was attractive, but soo picky, so "what's a guy to do?" I wrote him back & told him I am not willing to settle for what would make me unhappy....that while some things I would be flexible about, I would NOT EVER be flexible about the following: no tobacco, no drugs, preferably no drinking, or at least no beer (or at least not in front of me), do desire for kids, must be intelligent, caring, communicative, honest, witty, etc. And then I said, "That's a tough shoe to fill...but what's a girl to do?" He wrote back & said that he was actually MORE interested now, because he admired the fact that I wasn't willing to settle. He also said he could tell by my writing that I wasn't originally from Cali. So we have just been talking over IM & email since then....and I think I am going to meet him Thursday night. He would be good for me, because he says that, like me, he has a low libido...or just "hasn't found the right person." I would love to meet a man who likes to just kiss & cuddle some times.....and not have SEX all the time. But Gary lives so damn far away.....that's the really bad part. I almost hope I DON'T hit it off with him, from that perspective.....cause that distance thing would suck. He seems pretty interested in me already....which would be jumping the gun, since we haven't met in person, & have no idea if there is any in=person chemistry.

Taylor is another guy I have "met" online. He's very attractive, & 6'6 (heh)...but he seems less interested. I get sporadic emails from him. I'd like to meet him in person, to see if there's anything there. But I am not sure that one will happen....

Then there's Nathan....I went to high school with him, & just saw him again the other day....after many, many years. I think there was definitely some chemistry between us still (we hooked up my senior year), but he has a girlfriend....

Then there's Eric....we went to high school together, too. I saw him a year ago at our high school reunion, & strangely, there was chemistry between us. We probably would have hooked up that night if he hadn't had a girlfriend. He said that was coming to an end soon, though...and a year later, I don't know what the status is. He just emailed me & said we needed to get together & hang out soon...so that should be interesting. He's the guy I had my worst car accident with...so there's always THAT great memory! :-)

Then there's Sterling....I went to high school with him, too, & I know he was interested in me back then. We were just friends, though. I just found him on classmates.com, & he emailed me his phone # & wants to get together...but for all I know, he could be married.

When it rains it pours.....

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