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I feel sick. I am trying to eat better...less carbs...no fast food. But I am not sure I am necessarily doing myself any favors. My stomach hurts & I am nauseous. Ick. Of course, it might not be so much WHAT I am eating, as much as what I am eating in relation to whatever is going on in my belly.

I love sleeping. I value sleep. Sleep is important to me. I get sick if I lose too much sleep. I cherish sleeping. It's one of life's little pleasures. I dislike my sleep to be disturbed, unless there's a damn good reason (such as a friend who needs me, etc.). Last night, I was irritated beyond irritated. At 2AM (yes, that's TWO AM), I heard a horn honking, many times in succession. I am paranoid, cause when I first got my truck alarm installed, it set itself off every hour throughout the night. I would constantly be running outside to turn it off (until I realized I could do it through the living room wall...so I slept on the couch with my remote in my lap), so as to disturb my neighbors as little as possible (my one neighbor's house is right next to my driveway). So I jump up, throw on a robe (yes, I was sleeping in only my thongs, baby), & run out the front door....it was someone for my neighbor...honking the horn to get their attention. Ummmmm.....let me be clear. If you honk a horn in a neighborhood at 2 AM, YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE!. I shot them a dirty look from my porch (complete with zit cream on my face), & went back inside. Please understand a couple of things. One...the ONLY reason I didn't stomp over to the car and/or call the cops is because the Mexican trash granddaughter who stays there dates these scary chollo/gangbanger boyfriends...it was one of these in the honking car. Now, I am fairly fearless, but I also recognize my limitations...I AM only 4'11, with blonde hair & blue eyes & an Alice in Wonderland face. I really don't intimidate. And the LAST think I need is my house broken into, or my truck vandalized. Not worth it. Next time, I will call the cops, but by the time they get there (this is LA...there are much bigger crimes than a disturbance of the peace), the asshole would be gone. Two...these people's front door was about 25 feet away from this idiot's car. 25 feet away. He could have gotten out of his car, walked 25 feet, & knocked on the mother fucking door! He couldn't have been worried about waking those inside the house up...he was waking up the entire freakin' neighborhood by honking the horn! After my dirty look, I went back inside, & there were no more honks for a while. I got back in bed....*beep*beep*beep*beep*beep*! ASSHOLE! Mother fucker, if you haven't woken them up after the 50th honk, perhaps you should go knock on the mother fuckin' door!!!! My GOD! How rude is that??? How freakin' inconsiderate? Can you imagine? For one thing, it's actually illegal to honk your horn UNLESS it is to prevent an accident or while going around a blind curb. It bugs me when people honk horns to notify the person inside that they are there...especially when the front door is really close. These neighbors...we live next door peacefully. They don't speak much English, I don't speak Spanish, but I always wave friendly-like to the grandmother & mother (or sister to the trashy one?). The wave back, smiling. The guy who lived here before me was a nightmare, I hear, so they are probably glad to have me. I am quiet & keep to myself. But this is a really nasty habit at this house....I hear honking between 6-8AM lots of days....honking at all hours of the night...lots of honking. Lots of FUCKING LAZY ASS PEOPLE! Git yer ass out of the freakin' car & walk 25 feet to the freakin' door & freakin' KNOCK!!!! But 2AM? That was shit icing on the shit pie (thanks crankyangel!). But what do I do about it? What CAN I do about it? I mean, without getting gangbangers breathing down my neck? Must I just *deal* with this annoyance? I considered dragging my friend, Enrique, over here, taking him next door, & having him translate a nice, friendly message in Spanish...something like, "It's not my intention to be mean, but would you mind telling your friends to PLEASE not honk their horns between the hours of 10PM-10AM??? I would greatly appreciate that."
Would that be wrong? Would that cause war? I also wonder...if that freakin' horn woke me up at 2AM, why did the people in THAT house not hear it???? Geez!!! I was SOOO irritated...and even MORE irritated by the fact that I feel I am helpless to do anything about it. I could be a chickenshit & call the cops & have them drop by & say, "One of your neighbors has made a complaint of noise," & then they wouldn't know for sure who did it. I don't know what to do...but I'm at my wit's end.

Doggone it...I wanna be in bed in 20 minutes. I never have any time to write in my journal anymore. I spend hours reading my friend's journals, & next thing I know, I really need to be getting to bed. Not complaining, though...I adore all my LJ friends. *wave*

I really need to start getting to sleep around midnight...and not sleeping past 8:30-9AM. Leave for Kayla's around 10-10:30AM. I'd get more work done.

Yep...what a shock....I am broke. I will BARELY make rent...and won't have it until a couple days AFTER it's technically due. I can't pay any of my other bills (phone, electricity, etc.). I can't do it. Shit. I am sick of this. I desperately need to transfer my truck over to CA plates...but that's $350 I simply don't have. But I HAVE to do it! Any spare money I get....who am I foolin'? There is no such thing as "extra" money in my life. No such thing. I feel like I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off...and still not making enough to pay my bills.

I was asking my sister how much money we'd get from my great-grandfather's trust when our great-aunt dies (no, I do not wish her to die...just curious, that's all), & she got pissy with me. She said it was a moot point as long as our great-aunt is still alive. She volunteered the info before...why not this time? I said I wanted to know, so I could figure out if I would be able to buy a house. $800 down the drain to rent every month...for something that will never be mine. That sucks. So she starts to get on my case about jobs again, "Why don't you concentrate on making your OWN money to buy a house, instead of waiting for someone to die? Why don't you make your own money," & then she WISELY re-thought that line of attack, & quickly added, "...by becoming a movie star!" Stooopid. As if it's THAT easy, anyway! Hellllloooo? What do I do, walk into Steven Spielberg's office & demand, "Hey, I am the next big thing...cast me in your next movie, please!" Every agent I go to tells me the same thing...."Hollywood cookie cutter blonde....6 others just like you....next." **sigh** Does my sister think I LIKE to struggle? That it's fun not knowing if I can afford to buy groceries? Having to borrow money for potentially life-saving medical tests? Helllloooo? I am not enjoying this. But on the other hand, I will NOT give up my dream. I was blessed with talent for a reason. I am doing what I was destined to do...and I am destined to struggle right now, for some reason. There's a plan....I'm just not in on it right now. I WANT to be able to buy a damn house out of my own pocket. I WANT to earn my money.

Apparently, she (my sis) also thinks we have made up. I stopped speaking to her, ya know. I told her, basically, to bugger off. I called her last night to talk about financial stuff, & she said, "When are you coming to see me?" I said, "Ummm...never." And she said, "Yes, you are, you are coming soon. All my friends want to meet you." Whotever. Then she proceeds to put her neighbor & new best friend on the phone with me, who proceeds to tell me to "pull it together, hon." Huh? Anyway, after being forced to talk to this man for 5-10 minutes, she gets back on the phone. I say, "Is he gay?" She says, "Yes." I said, "Does he smoke?" She said, "Yes." I explain that I can tell by his smoker's laugh & the tones of his voice. She says, "Aren't you little miss observant?" And then proceeds to tell him that I just said that. **sigh** Brilliant, she's not. She told me that she was going to hang around with our grandmother more on this cruise. I said I wasn't. I can only handle so much of her. She says, "So you are not hanging out with me, then?" I say, "Not if you are hanging out with her, I'm not." Duh.

I just scared the living SHIT out of myself. Do you see how long this post is? I just went to "copy" it, in case something happened so that I wouldn't lose it, & instead of hitting "copy," I hit "cut." *gulp* I thought I would have to kill myself. But when I hit paste, it all came back. Thank GOD. I would have cried. This is the most I have gotten to write in a while.

Do you ever look at things people do & wonder how anyone could be THAT rude, or THAT dumb, etc.? I was driving home, & some guy had parked his car in the middle of the road. There was a curb, ya know. But he decided to just stop in the middle of the road. Even IF his car had broken down, don't tell me he coudln't push it to the side of the road. While driving on the freeway tonight, a car cut me off within 3 inches of my bumper. I drive a big truck. Foolish. She was driving in the #1 lane, I was in the #2, & apparently, she realized, "Shit! I need to get on that freeway over there!" So she cut over in front of me. That is the DUMBEST thing I can imagine doing. If she had done that in front of a semi? That's how semis jack-knife. They can't stop on a dime. People get behind the wheel of a 2 ton lethal weapon & lose all brain cells. If I realize too late that I am about to pass/miss an offramp or interchange, I pass it...get off the freeway...turn around...and go back. Safe & simple. And it really doesn't add THAT much time. This, folks, is how accidents happen. IDIOTS. What are some idiotic things YOU have seen/experienced lately?

I remember this idiot on the Metro Rail. I think I already mentioned this, so if I did, forgive the repeat. But I still marvel at the idiocy. Me, Mary, Cheri, Alicia, & Erin had just gotten on the Metro Rail. The cops had caught some people riding without tickets on the platform. Occasionally, they are in the stations to check for tickets. You can take your chances that they won't be there. But you are an IDIOT if you do that. It's a $250 fine if you are caught riding without a ticket. It costs $2.70 for a ROUND TRIP ticket, & $1.35 for one way. How fucking CHEAP can you be? If you cannot afford $1.35 or $2.70, you sure as hell can't afford $250. However...I tend to believe that it's not a matter of money. People just like to cheat the system. And if there's anything I hate, it's cheats. You might think that you deserve to ride for free...or that public transportation should be free...but guess what? You don't, & it's not. So cough up the damn cash, assholes. I hate cheaters. Anyway...we are waiting for the train to go (the drivers tend to take a potty break at the NoHo station...end of the line, ya know). A guy gets on, looking for something on the floor. Then he stops at us & says, "Hey, do you guys have any extra tickets?" I say, "Ummm...no, we only have just enough for us." Why would anyone buy an extra ticket? Anyway....he says, "I will pay you $10 for 4 tickets....my friends & I just got busted up there cause we didn't buy tickets." I say (I am the leader of the group), "We need those tickets, in case WE get stopped." HE says, "I'll give you 10 bucks! You can buy some more at the next station! They are only checking as you get off!" I say, "Ummmm...we have to GET OFF at some point...at which time, WE will NEED our tickets, or WE will get a $250 fine....sorry." He says, "um...okay...thanks." HELLO?????????? If you have $10 to offer us for our tickets, why didn't you BUY tickets in the first place? Cause it's FUN to try to beat the system? You enjoy the thrill of trying to get away with something? Disgusting. Well, thank GOD your ass is getting busted. I wish that happened more often...people who drive alone in the carpool lane, drive on the shoulder, etc....I love it when they get caught. You talk about a thrill. I live my life following rules/laws, EASILY (meaning, it's not hard to follow them, & I don't miss out on life by following them), & I love it when what goes around, comes around. Cheat the system...get caught. Woo-hooo! What galls me the most is that he MIGHT have been able to convince someone else to give up their tickets. I can just seem someone a little more gullible or a little less smart feeling badly for this guy, & handing over his ticket. Then the poor schmuck would have gotten off at the next station, gotten stopped by the cops, would have not had his ticket, would have tried to explain to the cops, "I SWEAR! I bought one! I just sold it to some guy on the train! I swear!" And would have ended up with a $250 fine that belonged to some other jackass who got out of it. The cops were out in full force that day, stopping everyone walking by, at every station. Sure....you can take your chances....but why??? Is it worth it? I don't get it....keep bucking the system, & at least one day, it's gonna buck ya back.

Anyway....enough ranting for tonight. I will be in bed by 12:30. Wooo-hooo! Na-night.
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